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What does FaaDoO Engineer mean?

  • The Indian slang - FaaDoO is used for someone who is the best at what is cool & catchy and appeals highly to the college going individual. he/she does.
  • A FaaDoO Engineer is therefore an engineer who is the best at everything to do with engineering academics, sports, creative arts, etc.
  • The name FaaDoO Engineers has high recall value amongst the college going students

The Concept: A wholesome forum that meets all the needs of students.

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  • 25 lakh+ e-book downloads
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  • 65,00,000+ unique visitors till date.
  • Launched on January 01, 2011.

Why Students visit us?

- Download E-Books AIEEE, IITJEE, Engineering
- Download Projects
- Download Seminars
- Download Papers
- Download Mock Tests AIEEE, CAT, GATE, Aptitude, etc.
- Discuss Placements & Jobs
- Discuss Admissions
- Discuss College Festivals
- Discuss Technology
- Discuss Anything under the sun�.
- Read Tech News & Updates
- Read Gadget Reviews
- Read Career Guidance
- Read Studies Abroad
- Read Engineering Marvels
- Play Games
- Check out the Photo Galleries
- Watch Videos
- Check out the latest Toons
- Participate in Contests

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