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How can you convert videos for iPod

How can you convert video files to iPod video converter? One is following instructions step by step. First, you download iPod video converter.
Step 1: Add files
Please click on the button “Add file (s)” in the toolbar or “file > add files”.
Step 2: select output format
Select a video file in the file list, click on the “Profile” button and select the styles in the Dropdownlist. Then click “Browse…” and select the destination directory to store the output files.
Tip1: Click on the button “Snapshot” of the interface to screenshot as common image formats, as.On your hard disk to save BMP, is just played during the video.
Tipp2: If you several settings for your video u. Need audio files, please see “Multiple application functions”.
Step 3: Converting
After the selection of format, you need to click “Convert” in the tool bar to produce the task only on the button.
The above guide shows the lightest function of the iPod Converter. We will offer several lush functions as follows.
Multiple application functions
1. Multiple profiles for the same video file add
Select the video and click on “Add profile” to set several output formats for a file at the same time. You can get multiple video formats for your different player.
2. Custom output size with bitrate calculator
Click on “tools > bitrate calculator”, to open the dialog box of the bitrate calculator. Select a required file size, or enter a file size in the text box directly.Now you can set in this dialog box also audio and video bit rate.

3. Output parameters
After converting, you can click on the button “Open” to which output files look at directly.
To satisfy several evolving requirements of video & audio files please click on “Advanced profiles settings” and set different parameters for several needs a.
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