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  1. Narasimha Karumanchi

    Data Structures and Algorithms
    Coding Interview Questions
    Career , Technology
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  2. Which CAD software should i learn?

    Today is not an era where any industry is relay on Paper-Pencil-Drafter skill in engineering drawing. The market is very fast and so product development cycle is faster too. So must have skilled in computer aided engineering drawing.Click image for larger version. 

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    Updated 15th January 2017 at 06:55 PM by v.kansykar

    Career , Technology
  3. Lab Manuals B.E/ B.Tech ECE

    Lab Manuals B.E/ B.Tech ECE
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  4. 5 Ways electrical engineering changed the world

    There are a number of fields that have changed the world we live in today. These different fields have achieved a lot of different advancements however, few have achieved as much as electrical engineering has.

    Electrical engineering is a complex field that studies electricity and electronics. A lot of electrical engineering is what we call mature technology which means it needs to branch into new electronics and new physics to produce massive changes within society. The importance of ...
  5. Basic requirement for Software developer(freshers)

    1. Basic of any Language
    2. Should always think out of box
    3. should know about design patterns.

    If we know all three then become perfect engineer.

    Career , Technology
  6. The main Skills For Succeeding Within just a Medical Career

    The Medical Discipline in India is considerably more considerable in comparison with the other areas out there. To accomplish well could be a Herculean task but could be accomplished easily if you are truly interested and suit for the job.
    What are the essential requirements?

    1. The Board Examinations

    Academically, the medical discipline requires you to contain PCB topics viz., Physics, Biology and chemistry in your curriculum. The NCERT has revised the syllabus that could ...

    Updated 22nd March 2016 at 12:27 PM by rohit.takhtani

    Career , Technology
  7. 5 Startups that help you to save your money

    Nowadays numerous results oriented and dynamic individuals are interested to start their own ventures but hold back thinking of the investment that is to be made.

    There are to some good ideas that certainly help you earn money with little investment or with nil investment. Some of the ideas are listed hereunder.

    1. Search Engine optimization consultancy (SEO)

    If you are interested to be an internet marketer, you can very well think of starting this type of ...
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