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  1. Good thinking starts with strong feelings

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    What Motivates Kids Who Are Bullies?

    Class bullies are often thought of as outcasts whose actions lead to rejection by their peers, but new research shows that many are actually popular kids who raise their social standing by picking on others.

    As many as half of all children are bullied at some point during their school years, and at least one in 10 is a frequent target of bullies, surveys suggest.

    In an effort ...
  2. Life is a Journey - Live it with Joy

    Life and its journey:

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ID:	38092Since childhood, we are living a Life of others, not ours. At the end of this blog you would agree to me.

    Since we started walking or actually thinking our parents guide us to do things which are good and things which are bad and not to do. Without applying any logic we blind follow it.
    We grow with time and the factor of changing mindset, shift from parents to society.
    Now when we are grown up we follow societal ...
  3. Let digital be the way to get you results!

    Only 2 percent of Indian MSMEs are aware of cloud computing: IMRB Report

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ID:	38080The research report highlights that Indian MSMEs have many concerns around data security in cloud and that there is an urgent need to create an enabling environment and spread awareness amongst MSMEs on various advantages of cloud adoption
    The recently released CII-IMRB joint research paper ‘Adoption of Cloud in MSMEs’ based on survey conducted with 8000 MSMEs across 22 ...
  4. What's Wrong With Apple's iOS 7.1?

    Apple's iOS 7.1 update was released on Tuesday, delivering a noticeable boost in overall speed and responsiveness. But it soon turned out that the update also delivered a few problems — and a surprising number of visual tweaks.

    A New Phone Interface

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    The most striking visual change is the telephone interface. Although the circular number key pads remain, the large square "call" button has been replaced by a small circle displaying ...
  5. Nokia X+, XL Android-based smartphones to be available in India by May

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    Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are priced at euro 99 and euro 109 respectively. It is for the first time that Nokia has come out with handsets having Android-based applications. This is a move by the company in order to get a pie of the Android phone market.
    Earlier on Monday, Nokia announced the launch of its Android-based Nokia X smartphone in the Indian markets. This handset is priced at Rs 8,599 in the country and will be available from March 10 this year. ...
  6. design of jigs and fixture ebook by Robert 0. Parmley, P.E.

    design of jigs and fixture ebook by Robert 0. Parmley, P.E.
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  7. Literati 2012 -NIT Kurukshetra

    by , 10th December 2011 at 02:32 PM (NIT Kurukshetra Campus Festival Blog)
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    NIT Kurukshetra is going to present LITERATI 2012 on 1-4 MARCH 2012.

    Literati 2012 represents the culmination of science, engineering and path-breaking technology. It not only helps you to showcase your technical affinity but also help you to build a strong inwardness of healthy competition with a coup d'oeil of the most lustrous minds across the nation.

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    Since Sustainable Development is the greatest issue of ...

    Updated 10th December 2011 at 06:01 PM by dhruv8

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