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  1. RileyTwopeny's Avatar
    Yes, I agree with you, Now technical engineers had changed the Global to a high level. The engineers had worked a lot to improve them, also they prefer everyone to buy term papers online to write your research work easily. There is such a close connection between engineering and technology that its rise has led to the development of technologies such as computers, hospital machinery, and the Internet.
  2. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    is it really true???? or they applied this idea just to advertise for their site or for publicity...
  3. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    this can be apply on other female professionals/workers also........
  4. subodhcool's Avatar
    yah i did already 2 months wait kar lia hai n frnd dey already issued mah check bt til nw......
  5. prasanjeet roy's Avatar
    plz wait and my frnd............
    sabr ka fal meetha hota hai
    Did not read the rules carefully
  6. subodhcool's Avatar
    u wont get the checks. still em w8ing for my checks just waste
  7. mangzee's Avatar
    hehehehe.... all are have to implement them correctly in real life program... ;)
  8. prasanjeet roy's Avatar
    click the link
    just join & read
  9. Puneeth Leader's Avatar
    can any one explain how it works
  10. Saumya's Avatar
    Yeah..totally crapo scam and time-waste...
  11. Manoj's Avatar
    I hate this site ( bcoz it totally time waste...