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To ensure that every child diagnosed with special needs receives the best and most appropriate education, the adults responsible for those children must work together. A child who is diagnosed with a disability must have an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Those responsible for that child make up the IEP team. Together they determine the child's current levels of performance, goals and objectives, and how the child will meet those goals and objectives.
1. Child's Parents
The child's parents or legal guardians are an integral part of the IEP team. They can offer insights into the child's day-to-day life that educators do not see, and they hold the strongest voice for their child's best interests.
2. Special Education Teacher
The special education teacher provides the expertise to help determine the best custom writing course of action for the student's academic path. She has the educational background to best interpret the student's performance.
3. General Education Teacher
If the child is mainstreamed or in an inclusion classroom, the general education teacher is a part of the IEP team. He offers the perspective of teaching the child with grade-level peers. If the child is not currently participating in a general education classroom, but there is a plan to transition in the near future, the general education teacher should still contribute to the IEP team.
4. School Representative
There must be at least one representative of the school system who is a part of the IEP team. This person must have special qualifications and the ability to authorize resources.
5. Someone to Interpret Evaluation Results
As part of the IEP team, there must be someone who can interpret evaluation results and determine how they will impact instruction. This person does not need to be a separate person if one of the other IEP members is able to fill this role.

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