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  4. Goose Washington's Avatar
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  9. Dipankar Choudhury's Avatar
    dinesh is inspiration for us
  10. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Good post..............keep it up...thanks for sharing
  11. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Nice.........very are a nice blogger..
  12. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Nice blog...matter is excellent...chinese software trainees are much talented..ok...
  13. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Parents.........they always ready to give any kind of happiness to their child....
  14. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    To make life interesting, we should create interest...initiative is required from our end only..
  15. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Really it is very much heart touching story, Dinesh is a real example of hard work and determination can give success...and your help was also a good job......GOD bless him wherever he may be........
  16. apurvadhoot's Avatar
    thanx 4 guiding!!!!!!!!! very useful tips........
  17. shivani sharma's Avatar
    inspiring and its very touching
  18. Kishorsurwase's Avatar
    Nothing is impossible in the world. Success has no shortcut. Do anything with passion, hard work and think always positive.
  19. apurvadhoot's Avatar
    really inspired me!!!!
  20. scientist's Avatar
    lets change our self
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