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  10. pushker_shukla's Avatar
    superlyk ... awesome thought.. i think excellence is more of a habit . there's a zeal inside that keeps u going
  11. deepikadurai's Avatar
    really awesome...
  12. amitmhatre92's Avatar
    it doesnt happen in real world....
  13. Dinesh Godaba's Avatar
    it depends on the way the individual is brought up.. touchng d feet is not "the only way".. its jus a way to show one's respect towards others.. i agree with u
  14. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    nice its really motivational.............
  15. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    n i like ur articla that is "dont just go through life but live it " nice one.
    i think i need nt to comment on it ............!
  16. Sandeep_Devhare's Avatar
    Hi I am sandy ..........! wanna make frndshp with u.
    i appreciate u really ......... always keep in touch with us.
  17. saitarun's Avatar
    life's a collection of small yet memorable cannot live if he don't lived in those to live life the only way is love what you live what you see in the life...
  18. chauhanrajan07's Avatar
    like it......awesm,,,,,
  19. sreekanthzipsy's Avatar
    IT is not ambiguity it is clear......
    no need to touch the feet for showing respect
  20. DEVESH KUMAR's Avatar
    ya you are right but when you are living a life of your on choice then you dont have to think of this as i think.............
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