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  1. Small thing Matter the LEAST !!!

    by , 7th October 2011 at 06:45 AM (Cute Gals SLoG BLoG)
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ID:	5869Most of you might believe in just the reverse of what the title of my write-up suggests, but I hope by reading this you will start to think differently.

    I have heard a lot of people saying that it is the small things that a person does that speak volumes about him or her. However, in my opinion, they fail to look at the bigger picture. For eg- touching the feet of the elderly ! It is no doubt a gesture of respect and people really do acknowledge that but ...
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  2. Dont Just Go Through Life But Live It

    by , 28th August 2011 at 08:12 AM (Cute Gals SLoG BLoG)
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    Pause to think about life as the years flow under the bridge

    MANUAL works 30 years without stopping, educates his children, gives them a good example, devotes his entire time to work, and never asks: “Is there truly any meaning to what I am doing?” He only concerns himself with the thought that the busier you are, the more important you become in the eyes of society.

    His children grow and leave home, he is promoted at work, one day he ...
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  3. What is religion? Everyone knows it, yet do not know...

    Is it about "God" or is it about offering prayers or is it about karma-dharma thing?

    I was always curious about these things as I grew up in a family where there r people who do 2-3 hr of puja and yet they do exactly the opposite of what they just prayed for, so in a way I was lucky to know what’s wrong before I realized what’s correct. Most of the thing which m gonna say it’s just simple old stuff but in a new package so that even the "Coolest" people can understand. ...
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  4. Excellence - is it driven from inside or outside?

    by , 24th February 2011 at 04:03 PM (Cute Gals SLoG BLoG)
    Each one of us strive to excel in the work we do. Sometimes it requires our managers/ competitors or customers push us to deliver good quality. Is external push necessary for excellence? What happens if it is driven from inside? Following story from internet better explains this scenario.

    A German once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby.

  5. The LOGICAL Decision - Must Read for EVERY FaaDoOEngineer!

    by , 17th February 2011 at 02:32 PM (Cute Gals SLoG BLoG)
    The LOGICAL Decision - Must Read for EVERY FaaDoOEngineer!

    here was a youth named “Mr. Commitment” who was very intelligent and laborious. He was a genius student. He belonged to a middle class family .but he always took pleasure in his status. His father was a simple government officer. He himself was a simple guy and never thought to harm anyone. His friends and neighbors appreciated him for this nature .He was sure that one day he will acquire all the things that he always wanted. He believed his capabilities
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