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Best Strategy To Crack GATE

In today's competitive world to crack any tough examination like GATE is not an easy job. To get success , you must be focused, organized and inclined towards your practice.

To crack GATE one should:-

1. Brush up one's basics
2. Learn formulas
3. Practice as much as possible previous year question papers.
4. Focus on the type of questions asked during last 5 years.
5. Don't attempt any question for which you are not sure.
6. Attempt only those for which you are confident.
7. Prepare thoroughly only 4 to 5 core subjects.
8. In CS it can be D.A.A., D.S.U.C., D.B.M.S., T.A.F.L., O.S.
9. Or Subjects Compiler Design, C.N., D.L.D., C.O., A.C.A., Web Tech.
10. Out of these subjects choose only 4 to 5 , in which you have your deep interest and which seems to you easy.

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  1. Four Princliples of success..............................

    We must learn how to achieve our goals from successful people. The following principles have become part of their life.

    So, let's see:

    1. Believe in yourself. Start your success diary.
    If you keep a diary during 6 months, writing every day about 5 things for which you can praise yourself, you will increase your self-esteem, you will believe in yourself, no matter what you do. And because of this you will gain more success in all your actions.

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