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Best Strategy To Crack GATE

In today's competitive world to crack any tough examination like GATE is not an easy job. To get success , you must be focused, organized and inclined towards your practice.

To crack GATE one should:-

1. Brush up one's basics
2. Learn formulas
3. Practice as much as possible previous year question papers.
4. Focus on the type of questions asked during last 5 years.
5. Don't attempt any question for which you are not sure.
6. Attempt only those for which you are confident.
7. Prepare thoroughly only 4 to 5 core subjects.
8. In CS it can be D.A.A., D.S.U.C., D.B.M.S., T.A.F.L., O.S.
9. Or Subjects Compiler Design, C.N., D.L.D., C.O., A.C.A., Web Tech.
10. Out of these subjects choose only 4 to 5 , in which you have your deep interest and which seems to you easy.

................Thanks and all the best...........Enjoy Reading..............

  1. TO survive in a new job is not an easy task sometimes..................!!!!!

    It is not so easy to be stable in a new organization for a long time.
    Reason is that you have to aware yourself with the atmosphere of organization i.e. known as work culture. Then handle pressure of work assigned to you.

    Your seniors try to dominate you. They try to work you for the organization and they think that you should also help them to finish their work , apart from the work assigned to you. They try to show you that they are seniors, they have their ego of being seniors.

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    Politics !! , Just Like That
  2. To make career it requires endless continuous efforts...........

    To make career is not so easy as it get success, one requires dedication, devotion, continuous effort in a focused direction.
    There is no short cut for success. Really it matters when you achieve something, or a post after your hard work. And it comes out as a reward to your life............

    I want to share my success story to get highest marks in those days each an every moment only one thought were in my mind that I have to score at least 85%....for that