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This blog category contains articles that are in any way related to career and other such stuff

  1. Some lucrative and marvellous jobs in technical area

    Hi..everyone...Here I am going to tell you some of the technical jobs, specially in Information Technology area, which will be beneficial for us...and provides a wonderful growth with a charming career and fantastic job profile with fabulous perks and incentives..

    See if I talk about corporate sector, then everyone knows , if you had good communication, leadership qualities and managerial skills and hard stamina to work more and more without time constraints........then it is the best ...

    Updated 12th October 2011 at 09:00 PM by vrishtisingh

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  2. Best Role Model Is our Mamma(Mother)

    If we search for a role model, we just look outside from our home. If we see very much carefully, there is no need to go outside. Our mamma is our best role model. We can everything from our mamma, which can make us a successful person in our life.

    Just look here to know HOW??????


    Mamma always have patience. She never make a demand to get something.

    Tolerance capability:- She always tolerate , her children.

  3. Where there is a will, there is a way

    Where there is a will, there is a way is a well-known saying. It means that everything is possible in this world, provided one has the necessary will power and determination to do it.....................

    In other words nothing is impossible in this world provided it is backed by a strong will, constant efforts and unshakable faith.

    In our practical life we see that all our desires are not fulfilled. On proper analysis we would discover that most of our unfulfilled ...
  4. Time and tide waits for none...

    Time is a very precious never comes back again. So value your time. Don't keep pending your work, if it is possible to do it today, then do it. Don't be lazy, even a single moment counts...

    So if you have dreams in your eyes and you want to achieve them in reality, then this is the best moment(when you are reading this article), you should start on it and proceed towards your path of success to achieve your dream...
  5. Four Princliples of success..............................

    We must learn how to achieve our goals from successful people. The following principles have become part of their life.

    So, let's see:

    1. Believe in yourself. Start your success diary.
    If you keep a diary during 6 months, writing every day about 5 things for which you can praise yourself, you will increase your self-esteem, you will believe in yourself, no matter what you do. And because of this you will gain more success in all your actions.

    Updated 8th October 2011 at 09:55 PM by vrishtisingh

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  6. Whatever mind concieve, heart believe and we achieve

    Hi.................!!!!! everyone,

    This is really true, that whatever we are is as a result of out thoughts

    Whatever our mind conceives from surrounding, whether it is in the form of books, movies, friends, family, people, taken by our mind......and heart believes on that....really.........

    Finally we achieve that..........!!!!!

    So if you want to achieve success, you must be in ...
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  7. To make career it requires endless continuous efforts...........

    To make career is not so easy as it get success, one requires dedication, devotion, continuous effort in a focused direction.
    There is no short cut for success. Really it matters when you achieve something, or a post after your hard work. And it comes out as a reward to your life............

    I want to share my success story to get highest marks in those days each an every moment only one thought were in my mind that I have to score at least 85%....for that