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Just Like That

Feel like writing anything..then it comes over here...!

  1. Hey......what you feel about yourself.........???

    Hi...buddies............ I have chosen an interesting topic to write about. To be very honest, ask from your inner soul, what happens throughout whole day, when you start your day by feeling good about you....??? Had you ever paid attention on this fact??? If yes.............just recall that day....... and see most of the time your day was felt superb throughout the day.... if your answer is no......... then transform yourself......change your habits... and try to start your ...
  2. Love is an amazing pain reliever and emotional healer............

    Love is an amazing feeling, which heals while we are in pain. When a mother touches her ill child, child gets relief from the pain and a strange relief at that moment.

    Various studies have been proved that when a loving person touches , certain harmones developed in the body which reduces the feel of pain and person feels better.

    That's why when a person is sick or suffering from a disease, at that time for that person feels alone due to lack of emotional support...because ...
  3. Me and JULI(my pet cat)

    Love understands all, even animals. If we take care of an animals. They become our pet. Once me and my brother were playing outside of our house. We saw two small cats were there , and crows were torturing them.
    We took both them in our home.
    One was black and another was white.
    We put them in our home because their mom cat did not come to take them.
    We put their name as JULI and POOSI.
    Both were very much nice and cute. JULY was sleeping with me in night.
    At ...
    Just Like That
  4. Best Role Model Is our Mamma(Mother)

    If we search for a role model, we just look outside from our home. If we see very much carefully, there is no need to go outside. Our mamma is our best role model. We can everything from our mamma, which can make us a successful person in our life.

    Just look here to know HOW??????


    Mamma always have patience. She never make a demand to get something.

    Tolerance capability:- She always tolerate , her children.

  5. To love is divine...

    Bahá'u'lláh's son, wrote that love is the greatest power in the world of existence and the true source of eternal happiness.

    TheBahá'í teachings state that all genuine love is divine, and that love proceeds from God and from humans. God's love is taught to be part of his own essence, and his love for his creatures gives them their material existence, divine grace and eternal life.

    "Love is patient;

    love is kind.

    It does not envy,
  6. Where there is a will, there is a way

    Where there is a will, there is a way’ is a well-known saying. It means that everything is possible in this world, provided one has the necessary will power and determination to do it.....................

    In other words nothing is impossible in this world provided it is backed by a strong will, constant efforts and unshakable faith.

    In our practical life we see that all our desires are not fulfilled. On proper analysis we would discover that most of our unfulfilled ...
  7. Time and tide waits for none...

    Time is a very precious never comes back again. So value your time. Don't keep pending your work, if it is possible to do it today, then do it. Don't be lazy, even a single moment counts...

    So if you have dreams in your eyes and you want to achieve them in reality, then this is the best moment(when you are reading this article), you should start on it and proceed towards your path of success to achieve your dream...
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