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  1. Batardo's Avatar
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  2. Shirt circuit's Avatar
    Thank you very much! I appreciate your post and all comments below. But where do I find all those girls? Do you think they can be here and are available for me? I had been so miserable and unhappy in the past, that I am really afraid to start new long-term relationship with anybody else. I need your opinion and help.
  3. elysechavez's Avatar
    After the divorce, I had trouble making my current girlfriend happy. I always focus on her smile to see if she is happy enough. However, the main reason for our quarrels with her was that after the divorce, my ex- wife and I remained good friends. We spoke on the phone, wrote off, sometimes drank coffee together. And my new girlfriend didn't like it, which isn't surprising. But our communication with my ex ended when I read an article about 7 reasons why being friends with your ex usually doesnt work.
  4. Wooler's Avatar
    Firstly you need to love her You can buy some cool gift or other thing
  5. chauhanrajan07's Avatar
    hey,, it is jst 4 makin our relationship bettr n bettr......
  6. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Looks you are quite mature in the art of making women attracted towards yourself....