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  1. DjastinKoock's Avatar
    I want to share with you an article that gives some tips on how to get rid of procrastination in your studies. I know for myself that sometimes it is quite difficult to take and start doing tasks. This short article gives some tips on how to solve this problem and save your free time as well as your nerves and the nerves of your teachers. Full text of the article at the link -
  2. krishstar's Avatar
    techkriti is so much gud and its like technical fest which is really incereasing the technical term in all over concernm and these types fests are really doing so much gud in all over terms and many colleges like lovely professional university has also these kinds of fest like one world,one india,Gyan manthan ,youthvibe and much more...i think LPU is doing so much gud in these types fest ...
  3. Padam Raj Bhusal's Avatar
    Passion is the genesis of geniuses,, like it..