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  1. Create ur name in google

    by , 21st March 2011 at 12:08 AM (The Straight Forward Blog!)
    Here is a funny trick to see your name in Google Logo style…
    After Creating The Logo Just give any keyword and click search button there… it will give results of google with your logo instead of Google Default Logo…isn’t it kool…

    not only google style .
    check here u can make many famous brands logo…

  2. Play FM without Headphones [100% working]

    by , 20th March 2011 at 09:02 PM (The Straight Forward Blog!)
    Play FM without Headphones [100% working]

    [Plz Note :This Is For MOTOROLA ONLY!!!]
    Just Dial




  3. Get a Random Homepage for your Browser

    by , 19th March 2011 at 07:52 PM (The Straight Forward Blog!)
    When it comes to choosing a homepage for our web browsers, we all have different preferences. Some people prefer a blank start page, some may want to see thumbnails of most frequently visited sites (like in Chrome) while others may be more happy seeing their favorite website (like set as their browser's homepage.

    There’s another option as well – a random homepage. You may use any one of the following URLs ...
    Tags: browser
  4. Easily Share Large Files over the Internet

    by , 19th March 2011 at 07:49 PM (The Straight Forward Blog!)
    Easily Share Large Files over the Internet

    10 GB Free File Storage
    Backup Files, Photos, Music & More High Security, Easy Sharing.
    If you are to share a large file with someone over the Internet, there are generally two options – you can either attach the files to an email message or, if the files are too big to fit in an email program, you can upload them to an online storage service and then share ...
  5. How to Export Email Addresses of all your Facebook Friends

    by , 19th March 2011 at 07:47 PM (The Straight Forward Blog!)
    Search the Facebook Apps directory for something like “export contacts” and you’ll come across quite a few applications that sound as if they can transfer your friends contact information out of Facebook. There’s an app called “Export Friends” that will save you friends names, city, birthday and their current location in a CSV (text) file that you then import into Excel, Gmail or any other web email program.

    Then there are social plug-ins that can sync photos and status updates ...
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