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  1. DOlivier's Avatar
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  2. AliScerri's Avatar
    Yes, dreams come true. We need to understand this concept. This post motivates me enough that we should start working on our dreams and I have to write my assignment to enhance my writing skills in a positive manner. Determination leads us to the heights of success.
  3. Alyssa_Abdullah's Avatar
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  4. tandasiraveena's Avatar
    it's so nice......................@@
  5. VISHAL227's Avatar
    niceone yaar....i want sugestion....i am mechanical engineering second year student....I respect teachers so much...but nowdays i have to say some bad words about teachers while discussing in college friends group ...but after some time i thought it was wrong...but i have to say such things so that no one will tease mi sincere and all that.i want to stop this....what should i do?????
  6. coolrohit's Avatar
    I confess that mu real name is Rohit.I am studying in LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY.I want to be a automobiles,i choose mechanical engineering. Ilike your post very much
  7. arun krish's Avatar
    good one brother
  8. Shashi's Avatar
    I DOUBT OF IT 100% guarantee. . .
  9. vrishtisingh's Avatar
    Nice should adapt it to get success...make failures as pillar of your success....don't make it weakness of your path of success.......
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  11. goswami kumar's Avatar
    good one dude...
  12. sariyu's Avatar
    Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently
  13. Manish Kr. Singh's Avatar
  14. vikashooda's Avatar
    Hmm....interesting comment Manish.....