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  1. CANDID - Photography

    Candid photography
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    Being an photographer, most of the time people asked me, do you take candid photos as well, please do take candid photo's of me /us.

    I am sure most of us are unaware about the term candid, through this Blog let me explain you what exactly candid moments and candid photography is all about.

    A lot of people (and shockingly many photographers) understand Candid Wedding Photography as the following
  2. Life is a Journey - Live it with Joy

    Life and its journey:

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ID:	38092Since childhood, we are living a Life of others, not ours. At the end of this blog you would agree to me.

    Since we started walking or actually thinking our parents guide us to do things which are good and things which are bad and not to do. Without applying any logic we blind follow it.
    We grow with time and the factor of changing mindset, shift from parents to society.
    Now when we are grown up we follow societal ...