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Adarsha Reddy

  1. Would a Master's degree necessarily give you a career boost?

    The answer could be either a yes or no. Depending on the selected industry of your job experience, specialisation skills and nature of the job available in the market these days, there are umpteen career options which do not require Masters as such, but just previous work experience would be sufficient.

    But, on the other hand, there are specific career options which are bound to Masters degree, without any compromise, as per the nature of the role and business conditions.

  2. Quick tips to recollect formulae during examination

    Formula is the primary trickster during the examination. You might have sat down the whole day memorising which formula needs to be applied for which concept and yet in the middle of an examination, you might either forget it completely or parts of it or you might plainly mix up different formulae together and would be cursing the examination paper setter.

    This normally happens when there are two similar-looking formulae which may cause unnecessary confusion. How to overcome this issue?
  3. How not to succumb to peer pressure?

    When you're pushed to do something that you don't want to do, or makes you feel uncomfortable or when you know that you'll get into trouble, is when you are under peer pressure. Peer pressure is all around you. You may have thoughts of being a part of the majority, but you may not be able to fit in for certain obvious reasons.

    If you note carefully, your peers can be your greatest influences, beneficial in many ways.

    Howbeit, it is hard to say no to friends or classmates.
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