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innovations infinite

  1. How to improve communication skills?

    To evaluate your communication skills and keep a track on it ,you need to design your own English Communication Examiner( ECE ).You may not find this in any search engine because it is my own innovation.
    The format is very simple.
    Name of the candidate : _________________
    Name of the examiner : _________________
    Month : ___________ Year : ____________ ...
  2. short poems out of my inspiration.

    You might have read poems of great poets,who made their existence from it.But I'm not that possessional.I just write it out of my experience and excitement.
    These are the samples of my selected poems.I wish you will enjoy it.Any comment regarding the improvement of my poeting skills are gladly welcomed.
    To make it interesting ,I introduce the reason and the timing of writing the poem,because I know the meaning and the reason,but you don't.
    I wrote ...

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  3. Simple experiment relating life.

    When you feel depressed and everything goes against your expectations, you can understand the life in the following way.It is a do it yourself session.Hold the bottle half filled or filled 1/4 with water loosely with your three fingers stretched apart.Move it slowly.What do you observe?The water guiding the bottle.It is the similar way the fate(in this case water) guides your life(bottle),when your will power(stretched fingers holding the bottle) is weak.When you have strong will power(strongly ...
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  4. what to do with just Rs.50/- ?

    In these days of inflation,where minimum of Rs.100 is needed for labour to lead his life,you may wonder what I'm trying to,let me make it clear.This post is not actually meant for leading a day with Rs.50/-.But to give you confidence and idea that even Rs.50 can become Rs.500 and then Rs.5000 and so on if you are innovative enough to manage it well.Through out the article I introduce some favourable situations which may be a pure coincident.
    The day I get Rs.50,my first priority ...

    Updated 2nd May 2011 at 09:33 AM by sciengprof