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2 blog or not to blog - that is no longer the question

I enjoy blogging. Mostly because it gives me a creative outlet, but always because it is MINE and I can vent, be opinionated and crap on about whatever I want.

I try to get a little too fancy arty farty pooncy sometimes, but that�s just because deep down, I have a soft gooey centre.

  1. Sad but true - What happened at the Metallica Bangalore gig!

    by , 1st November 2011 at 08:44 PM (2 blog or not to blog - that is no longer the question)
    The Metallica show was awesome. It gave a lot of people what they were waiting for. It even gave some folks new iPhones, MP3 players and laptops. A day later as I write this, the bands gone, the crowds gone, our belongings are gone and all that remain are some horrifying memories of a night that should have been epic.

    Most of the tickets booked on the last few weeks never got delivered to their owners. Instead, they bounced back and each fan was forced to go ...
  2. Buggy Outlook2010. Here's one issue I resolved today! (some jokes at the end :-) )

    by , 21st June 2011 at 12:25 PM (2 blog or not to blog - that is no longer the question)
    Office 2010 is awesome. But I can't say the same for Outlook 2010!

    Last night, Outlook 2010 on my Windows7 said: "Outlook has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working. Windows will notify you if a solution is available". Really!!! What a silly error message! It just wouldn't open after that. I could open it in Safe mode though; so I was good for a while.

    I raised a Remedy. Our IT folk and I tried for a while and ...
    Technology , Just Like That
  3. Can we think of a next gen cricket scorecard?

    by , 1st April 2011 at 05:39 PM (2 blog or not to blog - that is no longer the question)
    What's the best scorecard you've seen? When I first saw the new look cricinfo score card that allowed each dismissal to be read about, I thought that was neat. Incremental improvement is still possible. E.g., the fours and sixers count can be made clickable, to get highlights of a batsmen's innings. But can we do even better? Can we think of a truly next gen cricket scorecard?
    Usual stats don't tell the story in between, do they? Can we publish stats such as:

    • How many
    Technology , Just Like That
  4. At TIMES!

    by , 26th February 2011 at 11:35 AM (2 blog or not to blog - that is no longer the question)
    This is the poem that i wrote once when i feeling really depressed during my college days...

    Sometimes the world seems to be upside down,
    You want to smile but all you do is frown.
    To all the problems you want to say good-bye,
    But they don't go away, they are a pain in the eye.

    The burden of my aspirations at times go high,
    I feel restless but all i do is sigh.
    Troubles will be there but you have to steer your way out,
    Just Like That