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  1. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    My wish list-
    1. How many times he tapped his bat against pitch
    2. Average Batting time
  2. crazybishnoi29's Avatar
    my outlook just works fine, but it updates havily..... almost 200 mb downloaded...
  3. jilukv2's Avatar
    awesome....i just feel it my college days..
  4. FaaDoO-Engineer's Avatar
    My Wish list in this new scorecard--

    1. How many runs were missed being taken because of slow running between wickets?
    2. How many over-the-wicket and around-the-wicket deliveries were bowled by a bowler?
    3. How many runs were scored by a batsman with a heavy bat against a lighter bat?
    4. How many runs were scored with a runner and without a runner?
    5. How many times did a batsman take off-stump guard or leg-stump guard or middle-stump guard? How many runs he scored against each of these guards? How many times he got out against each of these guards?
    6. How many runs did a batsman score against every particular shot?

    I was thinking of a live video playback with all the statistics dynamically appearing when action takes place with users provided with the option of choosing the statistic they want to watch live as the video plays.
  5. rohitjindal_2008's Avatar
    engineer can do everything
  6. jeetan's Avatar
    grrt wrk...