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  1. sobav18920's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. It helped me to better understand how the cryptocurrency market works. I buy trx with a credit card and other cryptocurrencies because now it is very profitable and I see this market growing every day. Now every day I make a profit of 1000 dollars from my investments.
  2. rapinia's Avatar
    I often notice reviews about different brokers of cryptocurrency trading that their prices are different than on the exchanges. Yes, indeed, such situations happen, and not infrequently. But I am sure about one thing, Tabtrader price has never failed, their prices are updated in real time, and there were no problems with updates, as long as I've been working with them.
  3. Batardo's Avatar
    Nowadays, more and more people are earning on the Internet, and it seems to me that this trend will increase. I decided that I would be engaged in mining and I think this direction is the most promising. To keep my money safe, I use the site, they mix my coins and they become clean!
  4. fmooeks's Avatar
    Okay, I agree with 80% of what was written in the Cryptocurrency Blog, but it's too early to throw it off, it's too early! I really want Bitcoin to fall in price and it will be so, and I am sure that Ether will soon cost like Bitcoin now, but then we will also write about it, what **** it is, and that Dogs coins that are now worth a penny will be token number one. You need to follow the news on, and everything will become clear.
    Updated 27th October 2020 at 04:33 PM by fmooeks
  5. konvict1947's Avatar
    hay mam if u hv a love prob ( TRUE) den i can feel it bkz same here ... it changes everything ( i feel ) . it just sucks ur life ( i feel it ) , i is one , no1 can define d situation ( i feel it ) ... doest blame GOd ... no 1 is present like god .....but just faith a true power which exist .. love is a fuk .. in simple words ......... " time is d medicine of all problems .. love too" .......if it happened early 2 u den it takes some time but evry thing gonna be all right ... ( if ur in serious prob den just believe me frnd after 3-4 months u will be fine but wid a set of memories ( of ur loved 1) )...these memories will make u 2 cry every day but just 1 thing ...... "u r not alone crying for this " evry one is ..." .this will give u a relief when ur thinking dat ur MR. LONELY ......enjoy life dude .....