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Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management (C.I.E.M.) was established in 2003 by a Society also known as C.I.E.M. The Society was formed in the year 2000 and Registered in the same year. The Technical Institute was built up on a land of 5.08 acres, provided by the Department of Technical Education & Training, Govt. of West Bengal on lease. The Members of the Society are mainly Educationists and Social Scientists. The philosophy and ethics of this Institute are some way different from other Private Engineering Colleges. In the year 2007, the First Batch of the students left this Institute with colorful result and joined the Society as a whole in the capacity of Engineers and Managers to build a future prosperous India.

College Details

College Name: Calcutta Institute of Engineeering and Management Kolkata
Affiliated To: West Bengal Technical University
Category: Co-Educational
Address: Calcutta Institute of Engineeering and Management
24/1A, Chandi Ghosh Road, Kolkata -700040, West Bengal, India
Phone: (033)2421- 9951/8998 Fax : (033) 2481-6767
Email: NA
Campus Snapshot:

Courses Offered

Mode of Admission: AIEEE & State Entrance Exam for UG courses, GATE for M Tech

Streams at Graduate Level

  •      Computer Science and Engineering
  •      Electrical Engineering
  •      Electronics and Communication Engineering
  •      Information Technology
  •      Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Streams at Post-Graduate Level


Fee Structure

Fee structure for various courses:

Tuition Fees Rs.32,000/- Per Semester
Development Fees   Rs.3,000/- Per Semester
Library Fees Rs.500/- Per Semester
Students’ Welfare, Sports & Games Fees Rs.500/- Per Semester
TOTAL Rs. 36,000/- Per Semester


Admission Fees Rs.4,000/- At the time of Admission
Caution Deposit Rs.10,000/- At the time of Admission
Charges for Form, Prospectus & ID Card etc. Rs.4,000/- At the time of Admission
TOTAL Rs. 18,000 At the time of Admission


1st & 2nd Semester Rs. 36,000 (for 2011-12)
3rd  & 4th Semester Rs. 37,000 (for 2012-13)
5th & 6th Semester Rs. 38,500 (for 2013-14)
7th & 8th Semester Rs. 40,000 (for 2014-15)



CIEM is honored to announce that the 2011 pass-out batch has been recruited by the following corporate houses

  2.      REDCELL
  3.      SYNTEL
  4.      RAMKY
  5.      WIPRO INFO (BCA)
  6.      TECH. MAHINDRA
  7.      MINELINE
  8.      WIPRO TECH(BCA)
  9.      ISMT
  10.      GODREJ & BOYCE
  11.      HUWAEI
  12.      L&T
  13.      INSPIRA
  14.      KASURA
  16.      IGATE (BCA)
  17.      FORADIAN
  18.      COGNIZANT (BCA)
  19.      OMEGA
  20.      ORACLE
  21.      MU-SIGMA
  22.      CMC
  23.      VIOM
  24.      SAN SOFT
  25.      TECH. MAHINDRA (BCA)
  26.      CSS CORP.
  27.      EVEREST
  28.      CUMMINS
  29.      SGI
  30.      SEVCON
  31.      Tuli e Services Pvt. Ltd.
  32.      Grm Tech
  33.      NIIT (BBA)
  34.      Stesalit



Campus: The partially government-aided Institute, with 5.08 acres (20,600 m2) of land, has lecture rooms, workshops and seminar rooms, laboratory rooms, 450+ computer terminals and a central academic library, which has an institutional membership of IEL-IET and AICTE-INDEST, along with other amenities as per the AICTE guidelines. It is a non-residential institution with student-friendly facilities that include a small medical unit, cafeteria, common-room and one play ground.

Central library: The library of C.I.E.M. is one of its kinds in the city which spans over a huge carpet area, as large as 545 sq. m and boasts of its huge number and variety of titles in the racks. A count of books which goes well above 15 thousand, the library provides a complete and comprehensive resource to quench the thirst of knowledge of the students. About three thousand titles are there in the racks, which are constantly being updated, and maintained up-to-date with professional precision. New titles are constantly added on, which means each time you visit; there is more to know than before.

The library also maintains about 28 journals, which helps the budding engineers to get them acquainted with the present situations in technology, literature, sports and politics. As handling of such huge resources is by no means easy manually, C.I.E.M. library is moving towards automation and the progress is steady. The library is well equipped with the college edition of the LIBSYS software, computerized circulation system, OPAC, Internet Facility and Library networking facility which makes the process of issue smooth and supple.





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