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IIT Hyderabad is part of history in the making. We, the faculty, students and staff are creating a new institute, an institute, which in due course of time will make an indelible mark in education and research. Though we are young, we have a great vision, agility, commitment and energy to create an innovative education and research environment that will be the envy of all.

College Details

College Name: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad,
Affiliated To: Autonomous Institute
Category: Co-Educational
Address: Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh, INDIA
Phone: (040) 2301 6033 Fax : (040) 2301 6032
Email: info [at]
Campus Snapshot:

Courses Offered

Streams at Graduate Level

  •  Computer Science & Engineering
  •  Electrical Engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering (2012)
  • Engineering Science (2012)

Streams at Post-Graduate Level

  • Chemical Engineering
  •  Civil Engineering
  •  Structural Engineering
  • Geo technical  Engineering
  •  Computer Science & Engineering
  •  Electrical Engineering
  •  Communication and Signal Processing
  •  Microelectronics
  • Power and Control
  •  Materials Science & Engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering
  •  Design Engineering
  •  Manufacturing Engineering
  •  Thermos -fluid Engineering

Fee Structure

Fee structure for various courses:

Tuition fee

Rs.62,500 (Initial deposit of Rs.25,000/- for accepting offer of admission will be adjusted against the tuition fee.)

Caution Deposit

Rs. 10,000 (One time payment. Refundable at the end of the programme)

Admission Fee

Rs. 5,000 (One time payment, non-refundable)

Deposit for Text books

Rs. 1,500 (Per Semester for first three semesters, refundable at the end of the programme)

Hostel Fee, Water & Electric Charges

Rs. 10,400 per semester (For Boys on sharing basis)

Rs. 10,625 per semester(For Girls on single occupancy)

( Water & Electric Charges to be adjusted against actual)


Placement :

The Placement process at IITHyderabad usually starts in the month of August by sending out a formal E- mail to the company/organization with relevant information and Employer Registration Form (ERF)*. The company/organization in turn will return the filled ERF to Placement Office, IIT Hyderabad, along with softcopy of their Pre Placement Interaction (PPI) material which speaks about the organisation, their philosophy and their expectations. The same is studied and the requirements & profile of the company are announced to the students. Interested students are asked to submit resumes within a timeline and the resumes (softcopy or hardcopy as required), are then sent to the company(on request).

Companies may invite CVs of interested students and shortlist students on the basis of their profiles ten days prior to their campus visit. The companies are required to shortlist candidates from the pool of applicants and send the same to the Placement Office at the earliest (at least three days in advance of the visit to the campus). The company can request a visit to the campus for a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) before the Campus Placements or can combine it with the final recruitment. A mutually convenient date** and time for Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) & selection process is fixed.

Recruiters then hold interviews on campus and make offers. They can also conduct off campus interviews with students in special cases. The company is required to present the final list of offers on the same day. The Placement Office would handover the company Offer Letters to the students and the student offer acceptances would be forwarded to the company.

  • The ERF includes the required contact details, profile of potential recruits, compensation package, date of visit, selection procedure, etc.
  1. Job profile and Career growth prospects.
  2. Compensation package.
  3. Likely number of offers this year.


Campus:IIT Hyderabad is part of history in the making. We, the faculty, students and staff are creating a new institute, an institute, which in due course of time will make an indelible mark in education and research. Though we are young, we have a great vision, agility, commitment and energy to create an innovative education and research environment that will be the envy of all. Through our deeds we shall be the catalysts for change in our local environs as well as the rest of India and the world. In a very short time, just about a year, IIT Hyderabad has made significant strides. IIT Hyderabad admitted the first batch of 111 B.Tech. students, and started functioning on August 20, 2008. Three departments, CSE, EE & ME were initiated. The first year had its highs and lows but was an exciting period that will be etched in the minds of the pioneer batch. In January 2009, IIT Hyderabad admitted 11 PhD students. On February, 27, 2009, the foundation stone of IIT Hyderabad was laid by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Hon’ble Chairperson of UPA. For the 2009-10 academic year, IITH will be admitting 120 B.Tech. students, 35 M.Tech. students and 10-15 Ph.D. students.
Though young, IITH celebrated all the student activities, and held a cultural program, ELAN. A few students received international scholarships and some are interning in Japan. IITH received nearly 1700 faculty applications in 10 departments. We are aggressively recruiting faculty and building up a highly qualified manpower. From the very first year IITH has embarked on research and development; it received 2 funded projects: One on “Development of High Energy Density Li-on Batteries for Mobile Applications” jointly with International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI). The second is a joint project with Kieo University and University of Tokyo on “Information Network for Natural Disaster Mitigation and Recovery”. IITH, through its Master Plan, has embarked on creating a signature campus which will provide the ambience for fostering inventions and innovations. A campus, that will possess the scale beyond existing IITs. We would like to express our gratitude to the mentor IIT, namely, IIT Madras, for outstanding support at all levels. The above achievements have been possible through the energies invested by IITM at IITH. For this we express our special thanks to Prof. Ananth, Director, IIT Madras.

Central library:The department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad is a leading center for the study of a highly diverse range of subjects including Cultural Studies, Economics, English (Literature and Language), and Psychology. Academic programs such as Social Anthropology, International Relations, and Media and Fine Arts are soon to be integrated into the existing structure. While its primary focus remains world class research in the fields of humanities and social sciences, the department is also deeply committed to teaching innovative and intellectually stimulating courses to undergraduate and post graduate students of the institute. In addition, Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad places a lot of importance on interdisciplinary collaborations resulting in academic and financial development through projects of national and international importance.

Unique in its constitution and vision, the department of Liberal Arts at IIT Hyderabad strives to pursue excellence in teaching and research to benefit students, academics and the wider society. The department aspires to enrich the academic and creative life of the institute, encourage cutting-edge scholarship, and cultivate a deeper understanding of humanity at large.

Hostel:This part of life at IITH is filled with fun only – and a frisk of study (when exams are on). Two students share a single room, which has enough space for 2 beds, 2 study tables and chairs, and 2 Godrej almirahs. The Dining Hall is adjacent to the boys’ hostel, which serves arguably the best food amongst all the IIT’s. The hostels are brand new – renovated from the old buildings of the Ordnance Factory to the present state.

The boys’ hostel has a TV room – used quite a lot, especially in the evenings. Students go crazy over football and cricket (especially IPL) matches, creating a stadium like environment with supporters of various teams. People are always on high-adrenaline here. A Table-Tennis room is also one of the most frenzied rooms of the hostel. Apart from this, there is also a game room where students usually are seen playing carrom, chess and other indoor games.. We also have a computer room…has 5 well configured computers which people can use for whatever the purpose. Then there is a reading room – it is the only place that actually has the study “ambience” – quiet, well lit environment. This is also the place where all the newspapers are also kept daily for student use. There is also ” The lil’ place” – a small store located in the Dining Hall where one can buy cold drinks, chips, and other snacks. There is also a stationery store beside the student activities coordinator (SAC) room. The SAC room is where students can go if they need to sort out any personal or other issues or just talking about any ideas for activities. One also enjoys outdoor sports in a different barbaric manner…we play football, volleyball and cricket with vigor on a small field in front of the Dining Hall. It’s great playing football at whatever the time( it is lit by some vapor lamps) at the field which we like to call – New Trafford. The girls’ hostel also has a TV and a computer for use by the girls. There was a table tennis table available there this past year but due to not much usage, it was moved to the institute. There is a badminton net available outside the faculty guest house which can be used by the girls if they wanted to.


Events :

Events (2010-11)

  •      Third Foundation Day at IITH on 30 March 2011
  •      International Women’s Day celebrations on 14 March 2011
  •     Technology Awareness workshop for rural girl children at IITH on 26 Feb 2011

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  1. Placements of IIT Hyderabad have been Very Good,
    Highest Package : 35 lpa(International), 18 lpa(National).
    International Offer( Off – Campus ) from Google – California with CTC 1 lakh USD per annum.
    Average salary for this year : Rs 7.4 L per annum.

    for more details check this out.

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