RGPV University Co-Educational – Colleges Details

College Details

<table style=””>
<tr bgcolor=”#e6e6e6″>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>College Name</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>Ujjain Engineering College</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Affiliated To</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>RGPV University</td>
<tr bgcolor=”#e6e6e6″>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Category</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>Co-Educational</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Address</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>Government-Engineering-College,_Ujjain</td>
<tr bgcolor=”#e6e6e6″>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Phone</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>-</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Email</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>pricipal.uecu@uecu.ac.in</td>
<tr bgcolor=”#e6e6e6″>
<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Website</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”>http://www.uecu.ac.in</td>

<td style=”padding: 5px;” valign=”top” width=”100px”><strong>Campus Snapshot</strong>:</td>
<td style=”padding: 5px;”> </td>

Courses Offered

<strong>Streams at Graduate Level</strong>
Offers Bachelor of Engineering(B.E) DEGREE in following Fields<br />
Electrical Engineering<br />
Mechanical Engineering<br />
Chemical Engineering<br />
Computer science Engineering<br />
Electronics and communication Engineering <br />
Civil Engineering

Fee Structure

For Boys Hostel 10000/- per year<br />
For Girls Hostel 8000/- per year


Placement done by-<br />
Infosys<br />
Wipro<br />
Birla chemicals <br />
TCS<br />
Ultratech etc.


Hostel for boys and girls<br />
Library<br />
College Canteen<br />
College Dispensary<br />
College Playground


Various tech-meets are organised by the respective Branches in which many students takes part from over the state.<br />

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