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  • 5 types of professors at our engineering colleges!

    Making the transition from school to college is fun and filled with anxiety. And rightly so, the college life is the most exciting phase in a student's life.

    Walking through our college gate with the firm intention, not to enter the class before lunch is a remarkable feeling. There is always this one guy you always say 'hi' to even though you've no idea what his name is!

    What makes our college more interesting apart from the few hotties is our professors. Believe it or not 'profs' are one of the most amazing creatures ever known! They come in different shapes and sizes, unusually funny at times spending most of their lifetime justifying the occurrence and behaviour of things, which we students don't give a damn about!

    Here, we've penned down the types of creepy professors who without a fail makes you journey worthwhile!

    1. Oldie the baldie!

    Some profs just don't give up! Ambiguity is their style statement, they may look tired and exhausted but within there's a heart of a lion. This genre of professor's will probably frustrate the hell out of you unless you enjoy a strict structure of curriculum. They require you to attend every lecture and reinforce this by taking attendance or having online quizzes during class.

    They've been standing on that very platform from centuries and their presence will be felt and acknowledged for generations. To get rid of them is never easy so play safe & be careful.

    2. ''The Comedian" - the weird accent prof

    "Word's from the mouth and the bullet from a gun never come back!" that's what a physics prof said in one of his class when he was explaining the peculiar movement of two charged bodies. Another one said "please open the window to let the cool climate come in."

    Irrespective of the fact what these professors are actually trying to say, they give us hours & hours of joy after class. You may laugh your behind off on this, one of the mathematics prof at a college in Mumbai went on saying that "you will be your parent's tomorrow" & students sat there stunned and bewildered figuring out what the hell he just said!!

    Sometimes it takes them the whole lecture, or even more to figure out what the topic was. Their intentions are good, but the meaning gets lost somewhere between the thes and the iss.

    3. The Hottie!

    There are times when god smiles on us and show his love in a special way, as a reward for bearing the pain and torture of creepy prof's he'll send you the hottest mentor you might have ever seen. Every article of clothing on her body seems custom made to hug all her curves and keep you from learning a single thing. How are you supposed to focus on the subtle and tender circuit theories!! But in a way it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. you actually feel the violin and saxophone's playing behind your back when they pass on a smile at you.

    4. The New-bee

    He's the one who actually spends one freaking hour just to decide if his tie's matching the shirt, he's wearing and is still confused about it! This one is as nervous about the tough course hes going to take as the class itself!

    He may try to amuse the class by his out-dated jokes, but fails miserably on every attempt. Sometimes you may feel sorry for them, but beware don't fall for it cause as soon as they accustom themselves with the sickness of the faculty room, they'll start biting too. These are the ones you can cleverly manipulate into giving you good internal marks!!

    5. The Chill out dude!!!

    Rarest of species and really hard to find. This genre of professors are the reason why we don't loose hope in the education system!

    They have really good knowledge of the subject and have a very engaging teaching style. They try to develop your interest in the particular subject and yes they have got a heart to discuss other things too rather than studies!

    This write-up is not meant to be derogatory to any of these people. Its just an observation and observations are not bad. College won't be fun without these guys!