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  • Does your girlfriend shop too much? Here's how you can survive it!

    Its obvious to say that men always fear the "Lets go shopping" statement from their girlfriends, but one has to cope with it if we want to keep the treasure with us.

    Shopping with your girlfriend is definitely terrifying and one who has suffered the consequences will completely agree with the fact that "it’s her undisputed territory and she's the dictator". You may leave your house to buy some groceries and end up landing to a boutique or nail paint store, or anything it's usually a long and completely unpredictable journey. At times it gives a feeling of watching your team playing on different turf and with the weather against them.

    The worst part is that you in any case won't have a say, it doesn't matter you like it or not but you've got to nod yes! your freaking head on whatever crap she likes and if you're doing it right good for you or its hell waiting to encounter.

    So here we are, to help you out surviving the toughest phase of your life "SHOPPING"!!

    Make your presence felt!

    This one top's the list cause of the fact that now when you're out there begin the shopping experience with your girlfriend close by. Hold her hand and try to pay attention to everything that she likes. Have fun with it.. just don't be upset..Lol.. can't believe just said that.. but yeah you got to pretend if not sure, that her happiness is the only thing you care about, this is the hardest part of the experience. You must last for at least 10 minutes for this and then you are pretty much off the hook, if she sympathizes this could ease your pain to an extent if or else this is just the beginning.

    Keep the expressions to yourself

    No matter how gross, weird or expensive the stuff she is shopping for looks to you, keep your freaked out faces and expressions to yourself. Just make sure she doesn't notice it. Or else these expressions probably each deserve a “slap in the face” in their own right.

    Checking out other girls!

    You do it every freaking time.. it may be the best way to pass your time while shopping, but you need to be careful on this one cause girls do possess this supernatural power to sense some sort of ''sixth sense'' if her boyfriend is up to something fishy. so, Beware!!


    Whether it’s a iPod or a psp, just bring it in case if you need it. While she's in the dressing room trying every possible dress available in store & you’re waiting outside. This is the time when you can enjoy the game or relax listening to your favorite number. However, remember not to ignore her for your portable distraction.

    Put on that "Puppy Face"

    It's true that after this very shopping event, she would have actually managed to dig deep into your pocket. So while shopping just put on the "puppy face" with "show some mercy" expression. This might help you escape and cut-short the bill you're just going to pay!

    Butt honestly, we endure shopping with our girlfriend's because it's something that she loves to do. She knows that there are certain sporting events that we've to watch. She puts up with the things we love. Wouldn't it be wrong if we complain about shopping with her every once in a while?

    No, certainly not cause it's even a bigger deal!!