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  • Committee to look after app development on Aakash 2 appointed by govt.

    The Government of India has formed a four-member technical committee which will supervise the development of software ecosystem on Aakash 2 Tablet. The committee will be responsible for the release of applications for Aakash in the education sector, in coming years.

    The report claims that about 25 academic institutions and private companies including IITs, American Digital University, Mango Learning, TopChalks, Digital BackPack and ITZCash, among others, have signed up to build applications for Aakash. The government aims to double the count by March 2013. The British Council in India will be developing apps such as an English learning app and an app to prepare students for interviews. IIT Bombay is working on SciLab which will port engineering software to the tablet, Clicker-a live assessment tool for instant quizzes, and Proximity – an app that will make lectures of IIT professors available to students. US based Mango is developing apps that will teach Maths through games. Noida-based SmartID is developing biometric apps to expand the use of the Aakash device for authentication.
    Another interesting development is that IIT Madras will be training 5,000 engineering students with a four day crash course on building apps for Aakash, in the hope that a few of them might come up with a business around Aakash or develop a few applications for the tablet. Currently, Aakash 2 comes with 24 applications including apps for games, chat, and email. The tablet needs more India and education-centric applications.

    Few of the apps will be made available for free, however, others will be charged for, depending on the developers. It’s unclear how the government plans to deliver these apps on the tablet — through Google’s Play Store or by building its own App Market. Aakash 2 already has Google Play Store installed on the tablet, which should make things easier for developers.

    Source: TOI