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  • Meet the engineers who belled the CAT 2012!

    The results of the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2012 seem to have strengthened the resolve of the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to now focus on attracting brilliant students from the humanities stream.

    With only six candidates from humanities background scoring 99 percentile (and above) in the CAT results declared on Wednesday morning, the composition of the IIM classrooms will continue to remain acutely skewed even this year.

    Nine out of the ten CAT toppers this year are engineers. Eight of these students with 100 percentile come from IITs. Of the 1,895 candidates who have scored 99 percentile and above, 1760 (or 93 per cent of 99 percentile scorers) are of engineering background.
    Although this composition is not an aberration, on January 24, all IIMs directors will do some serious “ stocktaking” to consider what measures can be taken to ensure that more humanities students make it to the classrooms, including taking a relook at the CAT format.

    “We would like to evangelise the fact that management is not the exclusive domain of engineers. We have to take the fear out of quantitative analysis associated with the study of management which probably keeps humanities students from applying and eventually keeps them out of our classrooms as well,” Debashish Chatterjee, director IIM Kozhikode, which is the organizing institute this year, told MAIL TODAY . “All IIM directors will do stocktaking on January 24 and this issue will most definitely come up,” he added.

    According to Chatterjee, apart from considering changes to the CAT format another way by which IIMs could attract more arts students is by spreading awareness on the measures taken by them to take the fear out of quantitative analysis. “ Not too many know that at IIM-K, for instance, we conduct preparatory courses for arts students who feel they are slightly challenged with numbers,” Chatterjee added.

    Currently, the classrooms of these premier B- schools have a skewed composition with as much as 80 per cent of the batch consisting engineers. At IIM Ahmedabad, for instance, 95 per cent of its new batch, for the last three years, has been students with engineering background.

    This time, a total of 191,642 candidates appeared in the 21- day long testing window from October 11 to November 6 last year. In terms of city- wise performance, Mumbai has the highest 99 percentile scorers at 180 students followed by Delhi (168), Bangalore (157), Hyderabad (105), Kolkata (92) and Chennai (85).


    • 10 candidates scored 100 percentile, all boys
    • Of the 10, nine are engineers. Rahul Saran, an undergraduate science student at St. Stephen’s College, is among the CAT toppers
    • Four girls share the honour of scoring 99.99 percentile, highest score from among the girls
    • In all 255 girls and 1,640 boys scored more than 99 percentile
    • Only six candidates out of 1,895 candidates who scored 99 percentile are of humanities background.

    Let's meet some of the engineers who secured 100 percentile:


    Studying industrial engineering (4th year) at IIT Delhi. For Mittal, pursuing an MBA was never part of his career plan. “I filled in the forms because most of my friends at IIT Delhi were doing it. But after I did, I got serious about preparation,” the 21- year- old who hails from Ludhiana, said.

    With just two months of taking mock tests, Mittal did what lakhs of aspirants fail to achieve — score 100 percentile on first attempt. Although he has applied to all the IIMs, he is hoping to convert his call at either IIM Ahemdabad, Bangalore or Calcutta.


    Working as a software developer at Infosys in Bangalore.The first three attempts at CAT, for Singh, were not too great because he wasn’t prepared to face the test. “Solving a problem at home and solving it under pressure is very different. Although I was better prepared in terms of practice at the time of my third attempt, I couldn’t do what I have done today because I wasn’t ready to deal with the mental pressure of taking CAT,” Singh said, who completed his engineering from NIT in Bhopal.

    But Singh knows that cracking CAT is only the first step. “I know that despite my score I might not get a call from IIM Bangalore because of school marks. I’ll focus on converting my calls from IIM-A and IIM-C,” he added.

    SUMIT PATIL - IIT Madras

    Studying mechanical engineering (4th year) at IIT Madras. Patil's father was worried to receive a call from his son at 3.30 am on Wednesday. “Initially I had decided that I’ll let them know my result only in the morning, but once I checked my (100 percentile) score I couldn’t wait and called them at that unearthly hour. My father was initially worried but then obviously was elated to hear the news I had given them,” Patil said.

    According to Patil, his engineering background definitely gave him an edge as he did quite well in the quantitative analysis section. The celebration, however, will not last too long for Patil because his submission is due next week.


    Studying Btech (4th year) at IIT Kanpur. Practise is the only way to crack CAT, Sharma says. “I studied everything thoroughly. Practice makes you perfect at scoring 100 percentile,” the 21-year-old said. Sharma, like most young IITians decided to appear for CAT only after he started studying in IIT.

    Envisioning his future beyond two years at present is difficult for him. “All I know is that I enjoy the finance aspect of management and I’ll study that. It’s too early to tell you where I see myself in five years. I know that I like challenges and I’ll continue to challenge myself in future,” he said.

    - Article & Image Source: MailToday