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  • Things to-do while stuck in Traffic jams!

    Traffic jams have become a regular part of our lives. We all have experienced being stuck in a traffic jam once in a while. It’s depressing to see stream of cars for miles ahead of us and behind us. There's always that feeling of boredom - the feeling of having absolutely nothing to do.These jams make us all a little bit crazy, and every one of us experiences some sort of anxiety when we cannot see the reason for our delay.

    Traffic hazards is also the reason why we hardly have any Indian superheroes.. Krrish, for instance, could jump over traffic. Yes, that was his superpower. And Drona? Had to never care about the roads cause he lived in a desert. And rode horses. our superheroes were created by adopting an anti-traffic ideology. It’s like we’ve already decided- Our superheroes will not be driving on Indian roads cause it would be ironical to see our superheroes probably spending their entire seasons honking, yelling & stuck in traffic jams when needed!

    Studies have shown during situations like this, your body pumps out higher levels of stress hormones such as cortisol which can wreck havoc on your body. One hour in reality = Three shitty hours in traffic. You can either spend these ‘rush hours’ by grieving over life’s agonies, or you can follow our simple methods of traffic time-pass.

    “Traffic jams don't have to be boring! Do something about it.”


    It is said that the best way to tackle a tough & tedious situation is by being jovial about it. So your next few hours of traffic can be overbearingly hilarious. Send all type of phoney pathetic jokes to all the people in your contact list. Let them know the type of ‘jam’ you’ve encountered. Even if it isn’t working CALL them and narrate this fussy traffic scene you’re trapped in. And even ask them to pray for your well-being!


    The makers of Sudoku, were connected to Mayans! They must be aware of that in near future traffic jams will create chaos so they prophecised this game! If you drive to work regularly you should keep a pad of paper and pen somewhere in your vehicle. Start brainstorming on the issues you need to address. Sudoku’s the thing to overcome stress when stuck in jam.

    Play a game, GTA!

    Play an entertaining game using your radio or psp to pass the time while stuck in a traffic jam. GTA or NFS turns out to be the best of the lot.

    You can even get out of your drive and start exercising in case if you've missed your morning session.

    Dump your wallet’s waste

    Over the time, we tend to collect many things in our wallet. When stuck in traffic, it could be a good time to throw everything on the seat next to you and start sorting out the things you do not need.

    Tune in your radio

    Rather than listening to people honking & yelling or traffic reports stuff that will frustrate you even more, turn your car radio to some music to get your mind off the traffic. Tune into your favourite radio station that plays your music wishlist. Turn up the volume level and relax for a while.


    Poke the hell out of everyone you know. Let them be aware of the pain you’re going through. It’s Fun!


    Traffic jams are the best time to philosophize. Just keep on wondering why destiny is so hard on you or why jams like this always encounter on a special day?
    Be a bit practical and you’ll know why these road-side shops are a huge hit in India.

    Keep Munching!

    That’s the way, I like it.. Aha!! Just keep a delicious snacks stashed in your desk that's reserved only for situations like traffic jams. That should be your favourite snack an ultimate tasty stuff so that you actually look forward to a little inconvenience so you can eat it.

    When traffic grinds to a halt, pull out your snack and slowly enjoy every last bite. You kinda deserve it!!