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  • Tips to crack IIT-JEE 2013

    Juggling your Class XII Board exams and IIT-JEE preparations isnít easy, which makes this time of the year critical for all aspiring engineers. As the new pattern of JEE gives equal weightage to board examinations students have to equally careful while they carry carry on their preparations.

    Narayana IIT Academy Vice-Chairman K. GOPAL shares with Adila Matra the strategy that students taking the IITJEE must adopt for the final leg of the race to secure an admission at the IIT.

    What are the most important points that you must keep in mind when you take the IITJEE 2013?

    Start with the basics. Synchronize your wristwatch with the exam centreís clock and start attempting the question paper only after reading the instructions given on it carefully. Concentrate on one question at a time. Give all three subjects equal time: 50 minutes each for physics, chemistry and mathematics. When you answer the questions, do not shade the answer box immediately. Instead, tick the answer box you consider to be right. Fill out the answer boxes 30 minutes before final time. Mark the answer boxes in the last 30 minutes.

    How should one attempt the questions?

    When you read the questions, segregate them using the ABC method. A: These questions are from topics you have prepared well, enabling you to comprehend their meaning. B: You know you can solve these questions but they are time-consuming; you are confident youíll be able to crack them when you come back. C: You donít know how to tackle these questions and should not waste time attempting them.

    What are the IIT-JEE trends that caught your eye last year?

    IITs have a knack of altering the pattern regularly. In the present scenario, expect more questions drawn from NCERT textbooks in the mains, which will be administered in April 2013. The pattern for the advanced IIT-JEE, which will be taken on June 2 by 1.5 lakh students who clear the mains, will be on the same lines as that of the 2012 entrance exam.

    What is your advice to those aspirants who are now in the final leg of their preparations?

    You should look at the breadth rather than the depth in this period. Do not waste your time on lengthy questions; focus instead on objective, numerical questions and practice as much as you can. From about a fortnight before the IITJEE 2013, start getting acquainted with a wide variety of topics to improve the range of numerical you can attempt. Revise all important concepts and formulae so that you donít suffer as a result of negative marking. Your familiarity with concepts will help you when you take the calculated risk of logical guessing.