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  • Stupid things guys do to impress girls while dating!

    Guys at times can be their own worst enemies. Desperate men do weird & stupid stuff in order to impress girls. Ever since Adam bit the apple for Eve, guys have been doing dumb things. We all have been in a situation where that extra bit of effort is needed when it comes impress the girl we dream about. We may try to get out of our comfort zone & do cheezy stuff but to avoid being awkward is mandatory.

    Keeping calm and playing safe are the keywords. Endeavor is needed to be a success but to know the fine line between a "Good" & "foolish" effort is crucial. A good one counts & you may end up with the girl in your arms, but a foolish move can end up your chances in near future too.We pretend to like books by authors we've never heard of, bob our heads to a song the lyrics of which we can't understand or simply get into a brawl thinking she'll be impressed with our machismo.

    Here we share some levels of stupidity guys do which perhaps makes them look like an idiot!

    Muscle Tees!!

    No, this isn't acceptable to girls when you're meeting them for the first time. Not under any circumstances, fall into the misconception that a girl is going to go gaga for you just because you have all sort of cuts possible on a human body. Great, you’re well built. If you're taking her to the beach then it's fine. Otherwise, shirt please.

    Wearing Glasses -- Dabangg Style

    You need to be very clear in your head that there's Salman khan and then there's you!
    If he happens to wear his ray ban's at the back of his collar doesn't mean you can do it too. Avoid being a copy-cat. Girls love their man to keep up their originality, one-man-army types just wear that attitude!

    Lying, for sure!

    Some guys do possess this unstoppable urge to lie or brag about things in general. So, ultimately they even do it at times when it's not needed. You're on a date with your girl and instead of sounding romantic, you end up delivering hitler's speech is disgusting for sure. Claiming to be a wimbledon tennis umpire is going to be a tricky one to back up, at least for one month every year.

    Not so funny!

    Girls do like their man to be funny and this is true. Everyone of us is aware of this fact and this turns out to be one of the blunders when you're out with a girl. To sound clear, it's funny in a sense when you make them laugh with you, not at you! Acting not-so-talkative is way more better then to crack up a joke and end up hiding in a washroom. Cause it's the girls who do talking, we guys should be good at one line killers.


    Men aren't good at cooking and it's totally natural cause this ain't our field of expertise. Even girls know this thing. Agreed, it's all about the thought when you cook for someone. But don't put your date through a half-cooked chicken that's sure to give her heartburn while yours goes pit-a-pat.

    Pretending to be adventurous

    There are guys who pretend to be the Tarzans of the modern world. If adventure is really your thing make sure you won’t puke in front of your girl after ending up a hectic dive or a real high jump. Get a life! girls want pleasant and decent company, not a person who goes on puking around her. A walk in the park and she would be glad!