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  • Placements & YOU - a corporate perspective

    Early this morning, my younger brother, 21 yrs of age, was getting all dressed up. Out of curiosity, I asked “A special Occasion?” To my surprise, he stated the obvious, “Its placements time brother, and you’ve got to look well to sell well.” I am a visionary and believe in order to accomplish a serious task you should have a clear vision and hence, should plan beforehand. However, being a part of two serious campus placement programs where I was a candidate and after conducting a few campus talks and recruitment drives I can definitely say that it’s not always about the vision.

    Well, to start with, the placement itself is a complicated word. The dictionary describes placement as “An act of being arranged.” That’s it, nothing more and nothing less. Now this ambiguous definition never states that placement is happening in which direction, with what scope and amidst which ambience. Majority of candidates appearing for placement process throughout the country especially of engineering domain are unclear of where they are headed to. In the end it’s only about getting the highest pay package. In reality, the real winners are the ones who know what they wish to achieve in life; who are able to convert their interests and passions into their daily work.

    In order to be absolutely ready for the marathon named placements one should be ready with his or her SWOT analysis, i.e. he or she should be aware of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats. In depth analysis of competencies is of utmost importance in order to sail through comfortably. Moreover, at times it becomes essential to introspect one’s own alter ego & determine what all improvements could be made.

    It is also important to demonstrate excellent academic skills along with logical expertise. An individual with good academics is always a boon for an organization.
    In a nutshell, relevance of your skill-set with respect to the profile will enhance your chances of being selected. Give it your best shot. Success comes to those who have the potential to convert their dreams into reality. All the best..!!

    - Vaibhav Narang (Mob: 9212103787)

    Vaibhav Narang has been working with TATA Docomo for the last 5 years. He has completed his MBA from SITM and BE from Pune University. He writes for FE as a freelance writer.