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  • All-terrain vehicle designed by students of K J Somaiya College of Engineering

    Innovative ideas if carried out with a proper unified effort work wonders. And this is what happened at K J Somaiya College of Engineering. On thursday students of this college launched an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) named the Red Shift Car or RSR-13. They claim the vehicle is capable of travelling in military areas, mountainous regions as well as agricultural fields.

    The car is a single-seater, four-wheel drive that runs on petrol using a 305cc engine. It has been designed specifically to compete in a national intercollegiate design challenge called the BAJA Racing Competition which is organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The vehicle has been developed by Team Red Shift Racing comprising enthusiastic undergraduate engineers from the college. They worked months to produce this ATV.

    BAJA will draw participation from 100 colleges that will demonstrate their technical
    expertise and automotive know-how. The competition also sets the pace for industry stalwarts to encourage talent. It is here that we face the litmus test as the competition will test the motor, technical, fuel and cost efficiency of the Red Shift car. It will also bring us in the presence of industry stalwarts,'' said Harshit Shah, team leader, Red Shift Racing.

    Principal Shubha Pandit said, This achievement became possible through the hard work and labour that the students put in throughout the year. The project promoted leadership, problem-solving techniques and business skills. We are confident the students will do well at the national challenge.''

    Source: TOI