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  • Here's how you can get your dream job after MBA!

    The lack of jobs for management graduates is often blamed at fluctuating market conditions, but the reality is that there are always vacancies for deserving candidates. Lakhs of students every year enroll themselves for a management degree in India.

    More than any other professional programme, an MBA is considered as a stepping stone for a respectable and well- paying career. However, the reality is that though an MBA course brings this glory to a few select students, the large bulk goes without a job.

    Global financial crisis and fluctuating job market conditions are usually held responsible for the lack of employment. However, be it Finance, Marketing, HR or any management specialization, there is a job for every deserving student.

    Now the key question is: How does a student become deserving or employable?

    Based on our experience of assessing the employ-ability of MBA students for last three years and working with corporations to find them the best management talent, we have found some thumb rules, aka mantras ( in management lingo), which can help management students achieve a lot more in the job market and at their job.

    Firstly, both written and spoken English communication should be sound & appropriate. Almost any role in the industry demands proficient use of English, or puts it as an essential criterion for being a high performer. It has been seen that around 60 per cent management graduates do not make it to deserving jobs because they lack English proficiency. During our analysis, we also found that English is not an easy-to-pick skill during the short period of MBA studies.

    Second, if you want a core job in your functional area, you should have a good grip on your domain skills. Most students think that it is just their extra- curricular activities and organizing efforts while at college, which are instrumental in getting them a job. That is not entirely true.

    During the analysis of the National Employability Report for MBA graduates, it was found that least 50 per cent students lose on core jobs such as those in finance, marketing and HR, as they fall weak in theory and concepts of their domain knowledge. And companies do care for your domain skills notwithstanding the stereotype that college education is never used in corporate world.

    The employability report also said that among the functional domains, Finance is the hardest skill to learn, in a short period of time, with limited prior exposure. So those interested in finance need to start early, even before their management degree starts. Given the government and RBIís efforts on financial education, there are several opportunities today to pick up finance knowledge informally.

    Our third tip is specifically for female students who are equally employable as their male counterparts across all job functions ó be it sales, marketing or those in BFSI sector. For HR jobs, in fact, women are more employable than men.

    In spite of being equally employable, it is seen that the representation of female students in the job platform decreases considerably in comparison to the men women ratio in colleges. However, due to a variety of reasons, women often opt out of jobs. Social and cultural aspects also truncate their career. But women should not get demotivated by any stereotypes and try aggressively for jobs in their domain of interest.

    These are the few basic mantras of success in a management career. Management graduates need not compromise their field of interest due to market conditions. They should take up the field they enjoy and work hard to become deserving for a job in the field most suited to them.