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  • The unemployable managers - a gender-wise employability analysis

    Management education has witnessed a mushrooming growth in India. From just about 200 MBA colleges in the early 1990s to around 3,300 MBA colleges today, there has been a remarkable focus on building capacity in management education.

    However, employability for management students remains dismally low, according to the National Employability Report MBA Graduates, 2012.

    Employability of MBA graduates is exceptionally low ( at 2.52%) in Business consulting, whereas it is just 7.98% for the Analyst function.

    Great English language and cognitive skills are required for these roles. Marketing records the lowest employability at around 7%.

    BFSI ( 7.69%) and HR jobs ( 9.63%) follow closely. The BFSI sector has created a large number of jobs in the last decade. The employability in the area of Operations is 15.04%, which is nearly half of that in the ITeS/ BPO sector. Higher percentage of women are employable in HR roles.

    40% of employable talent lies beyond the top 1,000 MBA colleges.