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  • FIVE ultimate tips for online dating!

    There's a difference between online dating & casual dating. Online dating is about more than simply meeting someone it's about marketing yourself. Without a clear, honest profile, you might be looking forever. With Valentineís Day just a night away and its impending dating anxiety, here we are with some top tips to help you succeed online if not today maybe a week later, at least soon.

    Here we'll suggest some suitable modifications you need to put up in your profile. Basically an online profile is essentially a digital "resume" and like a resume you have to spend some time figuring the best way to highlight your attributes and set the tone of your personality. "So open your minds, and your heart will follow". Or something like that. Let us take you through it all, from profile picture, to greetings etc.

    Be Honest

    A vital aspect many of you miss out on. Sorry! you don't look 10 years younger than you are, so don't fib about your age. The same goes for height. And while few sites ask users to include their weight, optical-illusion photos won't serve you in the long run. Be honest about your interests, too. If youíre a bookish urbanite, donít post a bunch of pictures from your one whitewater-rafting trip. You want your potential match to fall in love with the real you, not the fabricated you.

    Hold your head up high, sir. Dignity!

    First and foremost don't apologize for being on an online dating site. This is the 21st century people meet online, it doesn't mean you've somehow failed at life or degraded somehow. It's perfectly alright & socially sound to be on a dating site. People who date online are not freaks nor abnormal. Listen, online daters come from the same population that you deal with in the flesh. There will be people who are wonderful, intelligent, good-looking, and/or caring. There will also be online daters who are lousy, dumb as a rock, not so attractive, and/or mean.

    Take Standout Photos

    The fact is you will be be judged more harshly on your online image than you would be in person. It is advisable to wear a color that will stand out when people are scanning profiles. One should update his/her profile picture on a regular interval is recommended.

    Being Funny!

    Women love it when their men do have a decent sense of humor. Humor in bounds is an awesome thing, but it can also go wrong very quickly. So if you're talking to her for the first time just don't put much effort into trying to come across as funny even if you are a great comedian. Humor is so subjective because it all depends on the other person's mood, personality, cultural stuff, whatever.

    Avoid Ex factor!

    Talking about your ex makes you look like a fool and nothing else. If you're looking forward to gain some sympathy, sorry! nobody has much time to listen to your past because everyone's present on the dating site has a perspective of a better future in his/her mind and will certainly overlook you for the dump that still bugs your mind.