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  • Here's how you can find out who has unfriend-ed you on Facebook!

    There are times when your friend list drops down in number and you keep on wondering who wouldn't like to be friends with you anymore. Would you like to know when someone "unfriends" you on Facebook? There's not a native way to see this information, and unless you keep a very close eye on your friend list, it's likely when your friend count goes down, you aren't sure who went missing.

    There's a simple script that works with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari that notifies you when someone unfriends you opn FB, and also alerts you when someone in your friend list deactivates his/her profile. It even keeps a track of your friend requests.

    Just follow few steps mentioned below if you're interested in adding this functionality to your Facebook account. The script has been tried and tested for Chrome and Firefox and recommended giving it a go.

    Step 1: Unfriend Finder

    Edouard Gatouillat designed this script called Unfriend Finder that can show who "unfriends" you on Facebook.

    Here, we're using the Chrome version, although it's also available for other browsers.

    Step 2: Settings

    Once you've installed the tool, you have the option to change the settings to decide what kind of alerts you want to see.

    Step 3: Menu

    You will see a new item under your "Favorites" menu on your homepage: "Unfriends." This is where you access the tool.

    Step 4: Alerts

    Now, when someone "unfriends" you on Facebook, you will be alerted to the fact.
    You can also access the info via the "Unfriends" tab on your homepage.

    Step 5: Pending Requests

    As well as letting you know about people unfriending you, the app tracks your pending friend requests.

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