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  • 5 top-notch technology predictions for India in 2013

    The year Mayans predicted to be the last in the history of mankind, indeed was a great year for technology and the internet in India. We've witnessed a substantial rise in the number of people shopping online or networking. Many of us even made our first true e-commerce purchase with cash on delivery, and many more will make theirs in 2013. Another key breakthrough was the advent of lower-cost smartphones gradually making their mark in the market is finally happening.

    Overall, things have changed in the fields of technology for India in due course of time. Mindset of both the buyers and manufacturers have reached a whole new different level. The height of competition breaking in the market is immense and the heat to outsmart one-another will force a lot of companies shut down. Entrepreneurship will not be as fashionable a career choice as it has been over the past two years. Only the strong will survive through this phase and those that will survive and emerge will be the real winners.

    So, here goes our list of technology predictions for 2013:


    E-commerce will positively grow in India, in terms of revenue, but not all firms will achieve profitability as per the survey. The companies that have big slick financing and investors for the long term will survive but the others won’t. We'll see a lot of the smaller invested e-commerce companies either becoming lifestyle businesses or simply shutting shop this year.

    Not just phones but Smartphones!

    With 2012 ends an era of peculiar cellphones. Smartphone penetration will continue to increase. Obviously, iPhones will still have a presence and will continue to be the envy of many, but with the high price point. While BlackBerry still continues to have a presence in India, with BB 10. Those carrying a BlackBerry in their pocket will not be embarrassed to even own one – but then again, it might be considered a ‘retro’ trend.

    Rise & fall of TABLETS

    There will be a flurry of cheap tablets that will be released this year and everybody will be running to get one. And why wouldn’t you, especially when they will be cheaper than a nice mobile phone. But this trend won't last long cause afterwards, many will discover that these low-cost tablets don’t work so well and will either give them to their kids to play games with or to their parents to watch videos on. If you are going to buy a tablet, make sure it is one of quality.

    Social activism

    Facebook has turned out to be the best platform provided when it comes to organizing people whatever maybe the cause. Twitter has also grown as youth in india is getting accustomed to tweeting & will continue to grow for social and political causes.

    In 2013, we will have an incident where the Indian government will censor and/or ban social media for a certain time. But as per the predictions, this will start a trend where internet regulation will begin. Politically, you will begin to see political parties to be aggressively using the internet for campaigning. With the national elections in 2014, might we see our next Prime Minister on Twitter?


    With age comes wisdom, but its different when it comes to hackers around here. Internet fraud will witness a whole new level of nuisance and although you will not hear about it much, it’s going to be something everybody is discussing behind closed doors. E-commerce companies, banks, payment gateways and others in the ecosystem will be clear casualties. Despite the increase in cybercrime, we won’t be seeing or hearing of any major arrest.