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  • Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about eLitmus

    Employability exams in India has been successful in recruiting students to various companies. It usually bridges the gap betwwen the companies and the students. A number of IT firms tie-up with these organization conducting test for employability in order to cut short their HIRING process. eLitmus is one such organization currently carrying out the installation process to place candidates in India at MNC's.

    So we thought to clarify and explain the complete procedure in detail.

    What is eLitmus?

    Launched in 2005, eLitmus is one of India’s largest assessment and recruitment company for entry level engineers. It has been redefining how fresher and entry-level recruitment is done in India and recruits the entry level engineers based on their performance in Ph Test (High Potential Test) and their educational background & performance. So candidates who have good Ph test score can get in to the companies easily than the normal candidates.

    What is Ph test?

    Ph (High Potential test) test stood as benchmark for most fortune 500 IT services companies to recruit entry-level professionals. The pH Test is conducted every few weeks across the country. The schedule of upcoming tests is regularly published on The test has been designed to measure the natural ability of test takers rather than your ability to learn by rote. To this end, all necessary formulae are provided in the question paper. Those who focus on building fundamentals and broad skills, rather than on learning “tricks” to solve specific topics perform better on this test.

    How to study for PH test?

    Well PH test should not be taken lightly. The exam isn't easy as you may think. Only 10% questions may look easy to solve and there is nothing specific for one to work out. we would like to suggest candidates to go for CAT level materials.

    What is a good score for Ph Test?

    Percentile above 80 with decent academics is sufficient to get calls from major companies. The most Companies look forward PH percentile, academics, candidate profile etc.

    Which companies recruit through eLitmus?

    Most of the decent & good companies recruit through e-litmus. For more information check out the list here :

    What is the syllabus for eLitmus Ph test?

    Though it might be a simple one! but it will turn out to be of the CAT standard or the MAT, XAT.

    The time limit is 120 minutes and the no. of questions asked is 60.

    1. 20 mathematical questions.
    2. 20 verbal( includes paragraph questions)
    3. 20 Data interpretation( the toughest one)

    There will be no previous test papers or sample papers as they take away the question papers too.