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  • UNEMPLOYED? 5 important tips on how to brand yourself

    UNEMPLOYED? FRUSTRATED? Both these phrases usually sail on a same boat. Searching a job is not an easy task when competition in the market is cut-throat. Industries rise-up rapidly and so do the level of struggle thus job seekers while navigating a lengthy, frustrating job hunt, turn mad, depressed and grow somewhat panicked.

    Social media act as an immaculate bridge between the employer and seekers especially linkedIn. Making good use of it can eventually result in -- you ending up working with some decent organization. But it sounds much easier of a task than it really is and yeah not to be forgotten insight of this platform is that there's a very fine line between cleverness and stupidity. It has been seen candidates lambast the world for not realizing how amazing they are when it comes to showing off their word prowess online. But interestingly, when they're actually encountered —for as loud as they come across via social media— didn’t seem at all confident in what they had to offer. Maximum times job-seekers aren't even clear of their goal.

    Instead, the unemployed job seekers brand themselves, all over the Internet, as a difficult, indignant guys who hates recruiters and hiring managers.

    This is a prime example of how not to brand yourself when you’re unemployed. So when you’re out of work, this is no time to show your anger and get busted. Instead, consider these key strategies to help you brand yourself.

    1. Believe in Yourself

    One should be confident portraying him/her as a professional cause if you aren’t convinced of your own professional values, how on earth do you think you’re going to brand yourself as a confident, capable candidate? Convince yourself that, while you may be in a tough situation, you’re still an exceptional professional and human being. If you can’t muster this, you won’t have an easy time convincing others.

    2. Be Mindful at Social Media

    LinkedIn group discussions is often a place for personal brand sabotage. Newsflash, job seekers—the discussion threads you’re jumping into to bemoan your situation? Employers do participate or at least monitor these same discussions. Your impression will be much stronger if you use these social media outlets to present yourself as passionate and informed about your field. Start interesting discussions, share relevant articles and talk about something other than your job search.

    3. Come to Networking Events With Goals

    Even if it’s hard to muster the energy to attend a networking event, invest the time in going to one. Plan in advance what you want to convey, accomplish and get out of the deal. Don’t just show up hoping that something magical will happen—magic is much more likely to happen if you’re prepared.

    How will you communicate who you are and what you’re seeking? Who do you want to be sure to meet? What information do you want to leave with? The most impressive people at career networking events are those who demonstrate zest, are clear about their missions and make a genuine effort to engage in the event and conversations.

    4. Value Others

    It is absolutely understandable that job seekers happens to be in “all about me” mode. But you’ll serve yourself far better if you find every opportunity to help and add value to people who could help you land the next opportunity. Give to get—but really, give to give. It can pay off handsomely in the long run.

    5. Know When to Let Go

    Certainly, it’s fair to touch base after whatever time period you and a recruiter or interviewer agreed upon as the timeline needed for the process. But you will do nothing but ruin your shot (and brand yourself as desperate) by doing a full court press on the decision makers. Give it your all, and then let go.

    Navigating through unemployment can require nearly every last cell of energy and confidence you’ve got. But with strategy, stamina, and an unfailing belief that you’re truly magnificent at what you do, you can brand yourself as an all-star.