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  • FIVE tips on how to accomplish your CAREER goals!

    We usually set goals at every stage of our lives. It certainly paves the path for an aimless mindset. BUT setting goals isn't the only thing necessary what actually matters is the zeal one puts in to fulfill that particular goal. "With age comes wisdom" the ability to act according to a situation or grabbing an opportunity, comes with experience. The professionals who are in careers today will change jobs much more frequently than in previous generations. Therefore, you need to be prepared and proactive in managing your career. But does this mean you have to sacrifice in other areas of your life that are important to you? Our lives are busy enough balancing work and family without having to find time for making major career changes as well.

    The tips below provide you some solid strategies to achieve your career goals.

    1. Profile Update

    Note down your achievements from the past year. This will help you identify your current position in the market. Keeping track of these accomplishments will help you in review and bonus time. You probably already know this, but always keep your resume and LinkedIn profile up to date. This will keep you visible in the job market with recruiters or hiring managers.

    2. Buttering up Lunchtime Conversations

    Be connected with the movers within your organization to develop mutual relationship of trust and friendship. If a special project or a higher position opens up, they'll be more likely to think of you as a premium contender. Inter-organization network is equally important to your career success as your hard-work. Remember, it is not what you know, but who you know, that will help you get ahead.

    3. Be Socially sound

    Once you're working for a particular foundation do not segregate your personnel network to that company itself. Keep in touch with people outside and maintain face-to-face with one to three people each month outside the company to stay connected to your industry and to develop your networking skills. Reach out to them, perhaps indicating that one of your 2013 goals is to keep your network active. When you meet with the people in your network, bring something to the table and be sure you are offering value. Also, always be willing to ask them to connect you to others they know.

    4. Keep Your Image Professional

    First impression is the last Impression and yeah it's TRUE! Keeping an updated look is essential for initial impressions. Update your look with accessories, clothes, hair and eyeglasses to reflect a polished professional image. One new piece of apparel can update your look, if you're not one to shop every single season. On the other end of the spectrum, be cognizant that dressing too trendy can be unappealing in a professional setting. Use the rule of thumb of looking in the mirror to see if you need to eliminate one accessory.

    5. Review Career Goals

    You need to manage your own expectations for yourself, too. Mark your calendar six months out for a review of career goals and make adjustments if necessary. Staying on top of your career goals and periodically reviewing those helps you measure your progress, successes and evaluate the feasibility of accomplishing your remaining goals.

    image courtesy: istock