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  • Four steps to land up in an interview with a Start-Up

    Once you're out of college, all charged up and ready to face the nasty competition it may be advisable to work with a start-up gig. Not only it enhances skills by giving you an opportunity to face the intensity of the market but also the amount of experience you gather while working for example say work-pressure pulls you out from the comfort zone and increase your capacity to reach out for things.

    Here weíve covered all the possible whereabouts on how to search for your start-up gig using some traditional and not-so-traditional methods. Searching is just the first step cause once you've a potential position in mind, the battle has only just begun. Now, you'll have to figure out how to score an interview.

    Start-up arena, has much more room for creativity than the typical orthodox ďsubmit and cross your fingersĒ method. Actually, standing out is basically required in order to land an interview.

    1. Reference, WORKS!

    NO SURPRISE, the fastest way to an interview is when someone you know makes a referral or recommendation. A quickly growing start-up always prefer referrals and there's nothing wrong about it. Hundreds of candidates apply for an open position, but those who were referred by current employees or trusted contacts get first dibs. Getting recommended is by far the easiest way to connect with a startup. So, if you have contacts who can refer you to a job or introduce you to a hiring manager, by all means, spend your time and energy thereóit will have the greatest payoff.

    2. Try Network Your Way In

    Networking is a key to outsmart the competition. It highlights your ability to standout and gives edge to your career. The importance of networking when youíre looking for an open position to apply to can also be the direct route to an interview. Itís fairly simple if you have the initiative. Growing start-ups will often present at conferences or speak on panels in order to gain exposure and promote their product, so, once you have a few start-ups in mind, seek out these events and attend. Try and grab some time with the speaker after his or her talk, or follow up with an email the next morning with something interesting related to the topic.

    3. Provide Value

    Once youíve grabbed the founder or hiring managerís time, if you have competencies or skills that he or she is currently seeking, you might find yourself in an interview without even realizing it. But, if you donít necessarily have a background the company needs today, donít worry. Your new contact will surely remember you because you did something different than the restóand hopefully give you a call once a need arises with your name on it.

    4. Go Traditional

    Well if all the three points mentioned above doesn't work for you. You may have to apply via the traditional route. But donít just send your resume to a company and hope for the bestóto get noticed, youíll definitely need to go above and beyond.

    Two approaches that will certainly help:

    Online presence
    : If you canít be find online, you donít exist, hiring managers search the net before hiring. Therefore, not only do you need a solid online presence, but it needs to be a strategic presence that shows off your skills and represents how you can make a difference in a startup.

    Donít focus on the resume: Resumes are important but once you've made up your mind working with a start-up you need to be aware of few things. Weíre taught that resumes are important, and thatís still true. But for a startup, a resume is only a small piece of the puzzle. A really well thought-out cover letter that outlines why you want to work for a particular organization and what youíre passionate about, is all what is needed than just a bulleted list of stuff, like a resume.