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  • ALERT : Here's why Technology and Relationships do not go hand-in-hand!

    Advancements in technology has its own pros and cons. Pros we're all aware of cause it's somewhat the talk of every town but cons are generally ignored. Communication devices were supposed to help people stay connected. However, studies have portrayed a contradictory scenario -- "Has technology failed us"?

    Good old days when couples would use the evening meal as a time to talk face to face about the day gone by, issues that had cropped up and problems that they faced. However, today in the age of smartphones and computers and other communication enhancement devices, couples are turning away from conversing with each other and instead, are seeking company in their latest gadget and gizmo. As a result, conversation with a partner is slowly dying out, silently killing relationships.

    The fact is while we cannot deny that technology has helped bring us closer in the virtual world, but there's an urgent need to examine whether we've paid a heavy price for that by letting -- "Our lives & relationships in the real world drift apart."

    The situation goes irritating when a person while in conversation continuously gaze in his/her gadget, making fool out of others. According to a survey conducted abroad, about 80% of people avoid conversations as they are busy on their phone or laptop at the dinner table. About 76% of couples also revealed that silence envelopes the space between them in bed as they sit around surfing the net using their phone or laptops, without saying a word. Around 80% of people said they hate being interrupted when on their phone or laptop. People have become so obsessed with having a virtual presence that very few make it a point to socialize in the real world. This was evident when 98% of couples said they had never held a dinner party for friends, which was a common practice earlier. Couples now prefer to hangout with their friends on the net, using video conference or group messages.

    This is some kind of prophecy cause as cannot shun technology as it has become a vital part of our lives yet we'll have to make some efforts to ensure that we're not enslaved by it. No amount of gadgets can replace the level of interaction that you experience when communicating face to face with a person. So, before technology kills conversation and our relationship with our closed ones, we have to take charge. Set boundaries and stick to them.


    Go on, plan "OUR TIME" with your partner and make a conscious genuine effort not to chat around or tweet during this time. Switch off your laptop or phone before going to bed, and while out for dinner with your partner, friends and family.

    Avoid browsing the net on your phone or laptop while having a conversation with your partner as it's disrespectful.