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  • IIT-G sets new record with highest pay package of 65 LAKHS

    The placement season at IIT-G this time changed the overall scenario as the students witnessed a record breaking bid of $1,19,000, which in Indian rupees is 65,45,000 till now. The season began in December and is set to continue till April. The institute has some of the most reputed companies of the world, some with names in Fortune magazine's 500 largest companies, lined up for recruitment of new applicants.

    The placement was held at the undergraduate and postgraduate level for technology and design and its different branches. The average salary offered at the graduate level was Rs 10.8 lakh per annum. About 92.7% registered B.Tech students were recruited and 100% registered B.Des students were recruited.

    "International companies like Goldman Sachs, Google, Samsung (R&D) for design, Play Pal/ E-Bay, Slumberger, Microsoft, Direct Eye, Amazon, Adobe, Oracle, Flipkart, Morgan Stanley and Facebook visited the institute for recruitment. The Indian companies, who came here, were Tata Motors, N Vidia, Reliance India Limited, Wipro, Infosys and Hero Motors. We are expecting some more companies to come as the placement season will continue till April. Around 57 B.Tech students have been recruited," said Lavanu Konwar, professor at IIT-G.

    At the masters' level, which includes masters in technology and design, the average salary offered was Rs 9.4 lakh per annum. The reason for the difference in the salary offered to graduate and postgraduate students is that companies prefer the young graduates as it is easier to mold and train them.

    The name of the company offering maximum salary has been kept confidential due to an agreement with the institute. However, the maximum salary offered this year was less than that offered last year, which is around $1,50,000.

    Source: TOI