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  • BEWARE : FOUR blunders you unknowingly make at your Work place

    First day's in our lives holds a lot of excitement and nervousness. On the verge of being a PROFESSIONAL when youíre the new-bee at work, you do everything in your power to stay on your best behavior. Show up to the office early, leave late, dress conservatively and absolutely never, ever check your Facebook page from your work computer are your first priorities.

    Getting accustomed to the working environment ASAP, is good for you. But, as the days pass by, it is easy to slide into a sense of comfort and let your guard down. Soon youíre missing deadlines, tweeting covertly, making excuses as to why youíre not as productive as before, and in general, setting yourself up for a not-so-great performance review -- "You need to improve" is soon out of the box from you manager.

    So what has exactly happened? or What the hell is going wrong? Well, the answer to both these questions is simple ó you forgot the basics. If youíre looking for a way to get back into gear, follow these easy (but often ignored) bits of advice.

    1. No Excuses

    Just like those old days when your "PUPPY EYES" didnít work to convince your maths teacher that your little sister threw away your homework, excuses donít go very far with your boss too. No matter how genuine your intentions all your manager will hear is that you donít use your time effectively.

    Hereís a no-fail way to impress your boss: Do what they says. When you have an assignment, donít make them remind you about it, and donít ask for an extension. If you have questions, ask them well before the deadline.

    2. Be on TIME!

    Being on time can be
    crucial. You may think itís endearing to be labeled the ďlate one,Ē who never seems to make it to office before half past nine and always pays half of his salary as penalty for coming LATE. So you laugh and give a little shoulder shrug as you noisily bustle at your desk, assuming that everyone just writes it off as, ďOh, thats Avi.Ē

    Whatever may be the case. No matter what just ride over the vehicles who got you stuck up at that red light is what your Boss expect, be a superman if necessary or hire Michael Schumacher as your driver & make him starve to death cause your wage wouldn't be sufficient for both of you to survive but "JUST BE ON TIME." Hence Showing up on time is what professionalism is all about!

    3. Return Emails

    Communicating with your co-workers is required to gain their trust and when our communication is so readily at our fingertips, thereís no excuse for leaving an email unanswered for more than a day or two. So, itís no surprise that youíll earn instant respect from your entire team if you're in the habit of answering emails in a timely manner.

    We're not saying you need to answer every email the moment it arrives in your inbox (thatís certainly not an efficient way to work). But when you ignore an email, what youíre conveying to the sender is: ďYouíre not important enough to warrant a response.Ē

    4. Follow Through

    It's not necessary that you'd be able to answer or follow through each and every question that is put to you. There are times when you do not know What or How to answer. In that case instead of ignoring it just say you're not sure about the answer and will get back in a specific amount of time. that would be truly professional on your part.

    Of course, this doesnít just apply to answering questions. If you tell a co-worker youíll proofread her report, donít push it off until she reminds you about it two weeks later. If you assure your team that youíll take care of an important clientís account, donít let it sit on the bottom of your to-do list until one of your co-workers has the customer on the phone, screaming because she hasnít heard from anyone in over a week. If you make a commitment, follow through ó youíll convey that you can be trusted with anything.