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  • 5 important tips on how to switch your CAREER successfully

    Is you're current field "BORING" and you're now getting frustrated to the core about it. Changing careers is one of the biggest decision job-seekers face, and with many possible outcomes and consequences. Before you make that jump to a new career field, consider these common career change mistakes so that you can avoid them as you make the transition from one career to your next.

    1. Switching without PLANNING

    Planning is the most important aspect of whatever you do regarding the changes you anticipate. Probably the biggest mistake you can commit is attempting to change careers without a full-fledged plan. There's no time boundation when it comes to accomplishing a successful career change. It can often take months to reach your ultimate goal when you have a strategy, so without one, you could end up adrift for an even longer period. Having a detailed action plan -- including items such as strategies, finances, research, and education/training is essential to your success. Without a plan, you might take the first job offer that comes along, whether it is a good fit for you or not.

    2. Be sure about what you HATE!

    You gotta be sure about your actions cause even the slightest of errors can let your confidence fall down. Donít make the mistake of confusing hating your current job with hating your current career. Take the time to analyze whether itís just the job/employer/boss that you hate, or whether itís the career/skills/work that you dislike. The same goes with if you are feeling bored or lost with your job; review whether itís the job/employer or the career. Whatever you determine, itís best not to leave your job ó if possible ó until you have a plan for finding a new job/career.

    3. Career change based on money/benefits


    Yeah money can be deciding factor at times. And it could drive you towards the change but the fact is certain career fields are very alluring because of the salary and other benefits they offer, but be very careful of switching careers because of all the dollar signs. Keep repeating to yourself. Remember that you may make more money, but if you hate your new career, youíll probably be spending that money on stress- and health-related expenses. A career thatís hot today could be gone tomorrow, so dig deeper.

    4. Outside pressure

    The most important thing that is generally ignored by job-seekers today is their 'OWN' choice is as important as their responsibilities. Donít let your parents, significant others, or anyone else influence your career choice cause comprising with your own career can be devastating for your own self. They donít have to live that career every day; you do. If you love what you do and earn a reasonable living, why is it anyoneís business but yours? If you switch careers because of outside pressure to have a ďbetter career,Ē and then hate your new career, youíll end up resenting the person(s) who pressured you to make the switch.

    5. Looking At Others and Switching!


    And old saying with a deep meaning. For we're human and its in our nature to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. Just because your best friend or neighbor is successful in a certain career does not mean that you will be ó or that you will be happy doing it ó so certainly consider the career field, but make sure you do the research before jumping into it. Finally, just to add yet another cliche, too many job-seekers switch careers on the assumption that the grass is always greener ó and often times find out that is not the case.