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  • Here's NINE most important tips for planning a CAREER!

    CAREER, the heaviest word present in the dictionary of students. Things have changed immensely for students stepping out of colleges. The competition out in the world has exerted a strong force and incremented the amount of pressure, being pro-active is the only way-out. Today, most people are responsible for building their own careers.

    Whether you are just starting, or you have several years of experience, here for you -- we've listed down few points to help you reach out to that NEXT level!

    1. Learning, is IMPORTANT!

    A learned person is always acknowledged as store-house of intelligence. It is always advisable to learn things at every stage of your life. Life-long learning is your keyword. The world is constantly changing, and everybody is looking for new ways of doing business. If you've decided that your current skills are good enough, you have also decided that your current job is good enough. But if you want a career in the future, you should add regular updates to your skills and knowledge

    2. Ask, Listen And Learn

    Patience is the at-times the most important aspect of career. Some-time you've to wait for things. It takes a bit more courage to be a good listener. A good listener can learn a lot. Listen to your co-workers, your boss, and your superiors. You can learn a lot from their experience. Ask about issues that interest you, and listen to what they say. Let them tell you about how things work, and what you could have done better. Most people will love to be your free tutor.

    3. Build Your Network

    Once you're out facing rage against worldly affairs, you should keep up with your contacts. Your contacts & network enhance few possibilities -- Your next career step might arise from your contact network. Did you know that more than 50% of all jobs are obtained from contact networks?

    When you're indulged in a group of five people, each working for a different organization means all five can be a stepping stone to each other. If you have a good contact network, it is also a good place to discover future careers, to explore new trends, and to learn about new opportunities. Spend some time building new contacts, and don't forget to maintain the ones you already have. One of the best ways to get serious information from your network is to regularly ask your contacts how they are, what they do, and what is new about their careers.

    4. Be READY

    Life is not certain and so is an opportunity. You might loose your hope one day and your dream might show up tomorrow. Always be prepared. Don't wait a second. Update your CV now, and continue to update it regularly. Tomorrow your dream job may show up right before your nose. Prepare for it with a professional CV and be ready to describe yourself as a valuable object to anyone that will try to recruit you. If you don't know how to write a CV, or how to describe yourself, start learning it now.

    5. Realize Your Dreams

    An unfinished dream won't let you sleep tight so put your dreams into action. Don't let a busy job kill your dreams. If you have higher goals, put them into action now. If you have plans about taking more education, getting a better job, starting your own company or something else, you should not use your daily job as a waiting station. Your daily job will get more and more busy, you will be caught up in the rat race, and you will burn up your energy.