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  • Access denied: Facebook ban in engineering college campus

    It's hard to complete a day without logging into your Facebook account. We all have accustomed our lives in such a manner making these social networking sites as a part of our daily routine. Facebook covers vast majority of students round the globe.

    Though facebook has been an impeccable communication bridge and has provided a firm platform for its users to express their point of view at ease. But yet the bad cannot be avoided. Over the time we've seen the unpleasantness the social-media has ignited. Keeping the threat caused the Indian Institute of Information Technology-Allahabad (IIIT-A) has barred its students and staff from accessing social networking site Facebook.

    Three students have lodged the complain of threat and abuse on the social networking site forcing officials to take an immediate step. The Dean RC Tripathi says in an interview that -- “There restriction has been imposed with effect from March 1 and will remain in force for an unspecified period.”

    The premier institute has also warned its students against maintaining web blogs. Insisting that offensive messages on social networking sites and blogs by students are detrimental to the institute's image, the IIIT-A has asked students not to blog and post offensive material as they violate the code of conduct of the institute.

    All the students and teachers has been made aware of the advancements of things. The notice, also sent on emails to teachers, students and other staff members, says that it has been a matter of concern due to the offensive postings against students, faculty members and administration by some of IIIT-A's own students. It also listed names and batches of the three students against whom specific complaints had been received in this regard.

    Victimized students includes a BTech (IT) 2011 student has been accused of putting up posts threatening a girl student of biomedical engineering, two BTech (IT) 2010 batch students have been charged with using "abusive language". Meanwhile, the ban on Facebook has not gone down well with both the students as well as faculty members.

    Though they agree that anyone violating the code of conduct should be punished, majority of them maintain that banning all and sundry for actions of a few was simply unfair.

    Source: HindustanTimes